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What are these bot looking for in Baubas?

  • Server : Telsia

  • Team Name : 18 different names.

  • Location : Baubas Cave

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : All day all night Ala Ela

  • Evidence : image

they looking for gm

Hello haosura1,

Thank you for reporting. We will look into these players activity


just make baubas 1 channel now GM
though they will just bot somewhere else i still love the idea of bugging these botters with one channel left, forcing them to migrate from their favorite cave
get a life seriously you filthy botters, or probably better game to bots lol

These are probably bots that didn’t migrate to CM. Just leave them there on this now pointless map…

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Maybe the botter havent read yet that field maps doesnt drop silver anymore XDD

Or he’s just a hardcore ore miner …

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maybe hording cm reset or leg enchant jewel. I heard some class can solo dcp.

So they farm badges and then they do their daily cm?

Huh… Interesting…

No wonder some ppl still opening portal to baubas

Sus af

Hello the maps r full of bots from arbalesters to summoners. U guys didnt remove silver just to reduce the bot problem ? cuz the bots just increased in number after the change

no, they’re just waiting for Big Daddy Demon King Baubas to arrive and pledge their loyalty. XD

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