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What are the requirements for decent DPS

What are the requirements for decent DPS

My build


here are my stats


Im using wonderous fixed ichor set

lv1 florence for sword

skia for trinket

You’re on the right track for decent dps.
Once you get florence for sword make it level 2 and onward.
I would also work on upgrading your accessories.

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moring acc set 10trans 10 enh have a diff?
or should I trans 10 my draconis acc?

doesnt matter, in the end you need to +10 T10 both of them to make karaliene acc

You need a big fat wallet.


only +10 needed iirc

oh you are correct! I misremember it as luciferie mats requirement
@dogecoin unless you got free transcendence scroll or -50%trans cost weekend buff is finally comeback, then dont bother trans10 them

which one should I prioritize 1st, acc, ark or latest fixed ichor(dahlia)??

I would suggest ichor → ark → accessories, that is if your build relies on ark

" What are the requirements for decent DPS"…

The answer is master card, visa works too

I guess I go for ichor 1st then ark to level 10(level 8 current)
any advice for best fix ichor?

Probably goddess dahlia channeling ichor for now is best.

Sad but True

You are correct! Thanks and regards..