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What are the most fun to play builds?

Ok, i currently play this game only for fun. I main a Swords>Doppel>High>Barb and i have lots of fun playing it.
So i am seeking another build. It doesn’t necessarely need to be strong, just fun gameplay, so things like enchanter that is just a ton of buffs is out of question.
It can be from any tree, cleric, wizard, archer…
Oh and i never played pvp, but i would like to try it at some point, so if your build is pvp focused, i am still interested.
Thanks in advance!

Er, isn’t “fun” relative?
I mean I play many builds/classes that people tell me they find it boring but I still like them, I am pretty sure you will find people that, contrary to you, enjoy playing with Enchanter.

If it is just for fun, why not do the theorycraft, create your own build and find out what happens.
If you want to try some meta builds maybe look at the Build Ranking or watch some TOS youtube gameplay so you can see how the build works in practice and find out if it fits your preferences.

id say bm-linker, mergen-ranger-falcon and pyro-ele
aoe is still king and i dont pvp too

but right now im making hacka-cata-barb for the mounted sword and shield game play meme build

"FUN" BUILDS - The Joy of Gameplay Feel

Pyro/Ele/Alch - Fun AoE + Alchemist Missile can run/jump while casting AND releasing the spell.

Cryo/Kino/Chrono - Fun, but intricate rotations that you can “Pass” to do twice.

Sage/Chrono/Omnyoji* - Most [Slow]/[No Property Magic] synergy. Sage RP. Garbage DPS. (I love Sage RP) Get 1 point into magic missile and energy bolt.

*Omnyoji could be swapped for anything you find more fun or fits your RP better. Suggestions: Kino, Shadow, Ele or, maybe even Alch for an absolute pure Support Wizard and next to no dps lol.

Assassin/Rogue/Shinobi - Pray for clone AI fix
Assassin/Rogue/Outlaw - Dodge Town
SR/Linker/Thaum - Drive by Shooting / Running Circles around mob packs.

PiedPiper/Musket/Hunter - RolePlay cute Hunter. RiP Pet AI.

Murm/Rod/Ret - Naofumi Shieldboi Top PvP in Korea

Never ended up leveling one past 240. Idk I wanted to make a weird monk pally tao build back in the day, for monk RP with pally’s HP/SP regen/defense and Tao DPS. What I was going to try was Monk/Pally/Zealot when Re: came, but people seem to run Monk/Inquis/Zeal for real right now.

Really depends on your notion of fun. Pre Rebuild I used to have a Rune Caster Thauma Enchanter that would just transform into a giant and jump on everything.

I’m currently doing a Cryo Kino Pyro wizard and I’m getting the fun out of all the different combos you can do with the skills. It’s a bit lacking in damage but has lots of crowd control

Most fun builds for me, in no particular order:

1- Warlock-FF-Shadow: Edgy dark magic/curse user. Warlock spirits are a bit bugged, but it’s still a lot of fun.
2- Elementalist-Runecaster-Sage: Lots of AoE, and Sage is better than I expected
3- Psychokino-Onmyoji-Sage: Again, lots of AoE, and one of the few builds that make psychokino viable in pve
4- Linker-Thaum-Outlaw: There’s something extremely satisfying in one-shotting 10 mobs by breaking a brick on their heads. Great for making money too.
5- Priest-Diev-Miko: Very fast CM clears, with as little effort as possible
6- Any build with SR in it: Great for CMs
7- Inqui-Exorcist: Exorcist deals extra dmg to demons, inquisitor makes things into demons, and has great dps too.

Schwarzer reiter is REALLY fun, for me at least. Wide range of AoE and high mobility. I play and main SR-sheriff-outlaw.

A variant of your build is hackapell-barb-highlander. It is a lot of fun and has some synergy (bleeding and shock to help hacka’s skills).

is the most boring Class ever.
costume ugly, no gud skill animation (every attack look same), can’t run because riding, can’t manual blok because no Cleric/Swordsman

Put QS? Lol


fun is like what? someone love to push as many button as joyful. Some only feel comfortable when only 1 button needed (not even their brain).

Oh good, thank god someone disagrees with me. I thought everyone is gonna play schwarzer reiter.

Ugly costume can be solved with… well you know already.

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Ok guys, i thank for all the sugestions. What i find the most fun in doppel/high is the combos. I personally dislike barb, but meta. The combos in doppel are sooooo satisfying

Anyway, i’m gonna try out some of the things you guys suggested, thanks a lot!

May not be the best but i find SWD> Hacka > Barb > Pelta pretty fun. It would be even better if we had access to the Trot skill with Hacka or at least having the option of using Cata skills with 1h sword + shield

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