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What are guilds? [v3.03] - Added Guild Territory War info(Re:Build Ready)



Thank you very much for your kind words, however as long as people are able to find this guide being beneficial, it is much more rewarding to me compared to getting items for making a guide.

my goal is just to share my knowledge of what i know and hope that we’re able to contribute to each other to learn more hidden features of what TOS has.


Please find my answers below as to what i know so far.

So guild raid only gives you academy and no forge?
We have only attempted this once, i heared a rumour that it drops forge as well, unfortunately we have not tried this yet as we’re in the midst of clearing the 2nd raid currently.

And can a guild continue their half done raid for other day? Considering the raid consist of many stages.
I believe this is possible, but you must have exactly the same people who have accepted the event to be there. as long as you don’t trigger the next event it should work. (I cannot guarantee this information)

and how much matk the academy boost for guild member? Does it count like a forge with a max of 5 unit?
Academy can’t be used as of this point of time, it is speculated that Templar C3 will unlock this skill. Each Forge however, provides you with 110 Physical attack, depending on your Templar C2 skills, you can increase it up to 5, thus stacking up the buff 5 times and getting in total 550 Physical Attack for 24 hours.

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Hello, thank you for taking the time to do this guide, I’ve been strugling trying to find info on the game as I just started playing on new years eve ;), most posts and guides are outdated and confusing…
I few questions if you dont mind…

I see that most of the content you talk about here is for lv 285-335, so…
at what lvl do you believe I could be of service to a guild?
I assume those that participate in events are the ones that get rewarded with companions and loot from them, is PvP forced upon all guild members?
what I mean by this is if I were to enter a guild and some other guild decklared war on us, how would that be? open season for all members on any map? instanced PvP?

about that hamster companion… you place the egg in the guild hangout, you get the pet, you feed it so it grows, will it not die after is all grown-up?
I read somewhere in the forums that you could kill it by not feeding it properly and you would lose it till you get a new one.
How many members can a guild have?

If the guild tower must be placed every 7 days, can only the guild master place it? how can other members pitch-in the costs of it?

well, thats about all the questions I could think of :wink: be really nice if anyone could answer them, thanks in advance :slight_smile:



Hi Sukebe,

Generally the bosses have 2 levels only. Its either 285 or 335. In order to deal DPS to the bosses, it is recommended to have at least 20 levels in between to avoid getting heavy penalties to fighting the bosses.

Actually no, even if you participate in the event, assuming you get a guinea pig egg, there will only be 1 egg. It is then up to the guild leader to decide who gets it as all rewards will go to the guild storage where it can only be distributed by the leader. Of course, you can run it multiple times to get more eggs during this time.

If you declare a war to another guild. PvP is then forced onto the members. Only the person that declared the war can forfeit the war, else it will last for 7 days. During this time, your guild tower can be destroyed, and all members excluding towns and dungeons can be targeted. This includes queueing up for missions outside of towns. However there is an option to turn your guild into a neutral stance where no guilds can declare war on your guild.

For the hamster/guinea pig, when you are breeding it to become an adult it will die if its not fed. However once you have placed it into your team like a normal companion it becomes permanent and will not die from lack of feeding.

A guild starts off with 25 members, each time the guild levels up you can choose between 3 skills. Guild member expansion, guild breeding, and guild farming. Maximum level for guilds now is level 20 and and the expansion goes up to 40 members at one time.

Only the guild master can place the guild tower. The cost of it is only 100k and frankly quite negligible in higher levels. If you do a level 290 rush, it will instantly award you with 100k. Do it 3 times and you net a profit of 300k with little effort. Im not sure about other guilds but upon creating my guild I have already mentioned to my members that I will bear all costs to renew the tower.

Personally I think its not really fair to get other people to chip in for your own guild. Being a leader has some form of sacrifices and this is one of them.

Hope it helps!



thank you very much for answering, I guess I’ll wait for lv 250+ to start looking for a guild :slight_smile:



While contents below 280 are generally soloable, I would recommend finding a guild as early as possible.

Regardless of your level, TOS isnt that much fun if you are playing it alone. While some guilds have very high level requirements, there are also some that don’t have any level requirements at all.

So I encourage you to give it a try and explore the guilds in TOS.



Thank you for making this guide! It looks good and is really informative.

I have a lot of complaints about the guild system haha, though I will find some other place to post them. In any case, what do you recommend allocating points into first (i.e. farming, breeding, membership)? How fast did your guild level?

Is there any feature that accomodates newbies or is (excluding just liking the person) having low levels in your guild counterintuitive?

again, thanks a lot man. this helps.



Here are my questions.

  1. Is it true that not all classes can ride the guinea pig still?
  2. If I plant the pig, does it mean I have to attend to it every 14 hours for 5 days? Can it die from over feeding (or by any other means aside from starvation). What is the server resets while it is maturing?


Thank you for the compliments.

you’re not the only one that has a bit of complaints about the guild system haha, there are a few bugs up and down.

This would depend on whether if you’d like to have the luxury of having farming and breeding companions. Currently here are my skill allocations for my guild levels.

  • Expand Guild Members Level 9
  • Breeding Companions Level 2
  • Guild Farm Level 1

The reason why i placed 2 points onto breeding companions is that our guild initially had a huge demand for hamsters when TP pets weren’t available at that time, thus making it really exclusive and i wanted everyone to have one as soon as possible.

Generally for me it’s good to keep guild farm at level 1 and breeding companions at level 1 also for the time being unless it is heavily utilized, if you’re an alchemist guild where you utilize the farm alot, then increasing the farm would be very beneficial for you.

Unfortunately none at the moment, it is up to us players to help out the newbies at all. Most guild content for players starts from 265+.


Is it true that not all classes can ride the guinea pig still?
Yes, that’s correct. only mountable classes can ride the guinea pig.

If I plant the pig, does it mean I have to attend to it every 14 hours for 5 days? Can it die from over feeding (or by any other means aside from starvation). What is the server resets while it is maturing?
Yes, that is correct. You will need to attend it for every 14 hours for the next 5 days. Failure to do so will result in losing the pet permanently in the guild hangout. It can also die in over feeding as well. As far as i know, the timer continues even during maintenance, not sure what you mean by reset though.

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Hi Prime @ToiletMaster! I would also like to add that Guild Tickets are being refreshed every midnight (12:00 AM Server Time). I thought it refreshes every reset. We consumed all our tickets via guild boss hunt around 11:00 PM and it was refreshed at midnight. LOL.



Hey Natsu,

Thanks for sharing this information!

Currently i’m not sure whether if that’s the correct timing though, as what i’ve heard it resets from 6am and occasionally the tickets bugged out, could you try once more if you happen to run your events and see if it does reset at 12am server time?

Additionally, i’ve also updated the guide to 1.01, bringing in some new information that people have shared and gathered.

Once again, if there’s any information that I’ve missed, do feel free to discuss in this guide. feel free to check out the changelog at the very top of the post as whatever that i’ve updated will be added from there to help you track with the changes.


Hi Sandu, the talt requirement list that you wanted can be found in the Other information corner, do let me know if there’s anything else that requires clarification.





Hi Prime!

I’ve checked with my guildmate earlier and it seems like the tickets were not refreshed today (12PM server time). Maybe it just got bugged yesterday. :frowning:



Hey Natsu, I’m guessing it most likely bugged during that time then. We had that before haha but thanks anyway for confirming!



Hi! many thanks for this guide have solved most of my doubts with Templar will save it on Fav.

Howver i have a silly question: its true that Hamster companion dont last forever? like it have expiration date?

i want to belive they said this because probably they confuse this with the fact that hamster can die while you breed it. so maybe thats why they said that. hope you can answer this silly and little question.




Howver i have a silly question: its true that Hamster companion dont last forever? like it have expiration date?

i want to belive they said this because probably they confuse this with the fact that hamster can die while you breed it. so maybe thats why they said that. hope you can answer this silly and little question.


Can I second this question?

I read some information but yours are arranged neatly.
I would be grateful if you can enlighted about guinea pigs



@dark_lord_miguel , @Megiddo_Yggdra

I’m glad that this information that I shared is found useful. Regarding about the hamster expiration, previously there was a expiration upon maturation, but IMC has changed that to make it permanent. Therefore once it is your companion it is permanently yours and will not expire anymore.

The only time a hamster can expire/die is when you’re breeding it and forgetting to feed it in the guild hangout. After 5 days and once you have added this in to your team, it will be permanently there even without feeding the pet. Acting like a normal companion.

Hope it helps! If you have any other questions please feel free to let me know.



Thanks for your answer.
more question if you don’t mind.

about feeding when breed phase, Is it true that I have to feed them once every 8 hours? What is the best interval time to feed them literally?
I mean, I cannot online every 8 hours so this makes me scared if I have to breed and it dies on guild hangout



The 8 hours was the old the update. With the patches that come along with hamsters having no expiration date, it can last double the time now up to 14-16 hours estimated without feeding it.



I have a question about that. Do this mean that people can easily stolen the dilgeles of another person?
I tought only Templars could harvest and plant this.



Nope, seeds can be planted by anybody, harvested by anybody or removed by anybody.

Therefore it’s important to have mutual communication among each other.



Really thanks for your response, I had this doubt since I first did a research about Templars long time ago. Well, I dont like it, but I will not debate this here, because its very personal, and seeing from the templar side, but it has its good points too.

Thanks again. Good luck on your clan.