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What are all these low level blue quests im seeing all over the map? These gives attribute points but why am i seeing them now?

Why now, not when im at the right level with the quest. Some are for lvl 40, lvl 150, lvl 200, etc, now im lvl 400. I think i should do this later after i finish main story right? to get those bonus attribute points?

Blue quests or side quests are locked until you claim ep10 rewards or get to lvl390 as to not overwhelm new players with too many quests at once, this makes it simpler to lvl up just doing main quests. I never bothered doing blue quests so I can’t tell if they are worth it.

Clear the blue quests just once on 1 character because some are necessary to unlock 100% exploration on some maps, and some are necessary for some exclusive headgears and recipes/unlocking raids like Wastrel.

It’s worth doing because some questlines are interesting as well!