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Weren't the new Velcoffer drops supposed to be fully tradable?

The completed item drops are supposed to be fully tradable, or at least team storagable now that Velcoffer raid entrance is Team based (before you could get up to 6 shards per char and every cube could theoretically drop 3 completed items).

I just did my first Velcoffer raid after the patch and it dropped the Cloth Boots for me. They are completely locked, like the old cube drops.

Here is a statement from the patch notes:
The tradability of finished products obtained from Legend Raid cubes will remain unchanged.

This is referring to the old products, there is no such thing as Legend Raid cubes anymore.

Wouldn’t this mean it would stay the way it is, as in untradable? Was it explicitly stated that newly obtained finished products would be tradable?

No, they are not supposed to be tradeable. The game is functioning as intended.

There were bits and pieces of information:
Unique Raids
In the current raids, you obtain the recipe from the raid, but he materials to craft the recipe are obtained in the field. Through use of challenge mode and other forms of hunting, you were able to easily obtain large quantities of materials, but the recipe was obtained via a low drop rate. It’s possible to immediately get finished crafted items in Velcoffer cubes, but these were untradeable, which resulted in the majority of them being dismantled into materials, making no significant difference.

In the new unique raid, you will be able to obtain legend materials, unique recipes, and tradeable crafted legend items. In addition, the process of obtaining the materials to craft these recipes is shorter than before.

Notice how they said, “these were untradable” implying that they are not untradable anymore. In retrospect they could be also referring to the fact that Velcoffer cubes don’t exist anymore.

But then the second statement implies it again:
The tradability of finished products obtained from Legend Raid cubes will remain unchanged.
This should be referring to the old Legend Raid cubes, so it was safe to assume that the new drops can be traded, or it makes no sense to even point that out?

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