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Weird Text bug?

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Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) :12am (GMT+8)

Server Name: All

Team Name: Dourdend

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Bug Description :
The game was working fine a few hours ago. Then when I decided to log back in and it was in full Korean. So I decided to restart the game and I come back to the buttons being in code or like it doesnt seem to detect the contents in it :confused: I’ve tried restarting my unit even shutting it down and re patching but its still the same :confused:

Screenshots / Video :

  • Country, Region : SEA

Hi @vevletaire, kindly send us a ticket through Support. They can help you with this matter.

@GM_Francis, greetings!
I am having this same problem and only started yesterday.
It started out as Korean then turned to this.
How can I resolve it?