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Weird Account Inconsistency


I’m coming back to the game after playing the beta test and the first months of launch, I noticed now that the game have a server for my region (SA), so I ditched playing in the NA server and went to the SA one, because why not. So, played quite a bit in these last three days, got around level 202, just grinding normally. Decided to check my old chars in the NA server…odd it has 6 slots for chars, maybe I bought some and I don’t remember, decided to check the EU server, not even a team made, named one, and there it is again, this time 5 slots. Same thing with the SEA server. Also all of them have the Homecoming gift, except the one that I play, I feel a lit bit cheated because one character slot would come in hand for a pet and the homecoming gift is nice, two 8x exp tomes would surely help.

Is this a common problem? I expected some bonus in my NA account since I played there, but the two inactive accounts in SEA and EU? Why not my SA account too?


They gave a free slot space for when they gave free leaf penguin (5 free spaces) meaning you prob bought 1 or gained it with merge or something on NA…


I didn’t get one in the SA server though, although the penguin is there


did you make a characters in orsha and klaipeda servers? you get 1 free slot for each server during the anniversary

server merge will add the bonus free slots +1 free from klai, +1 free from orsha

4 default +1 +1 = 6 slots Owo

was your SA account recently made? if so

there is no homecoming for a newbie account, since it’s new owO

homecoming in this sense is account dependent, and not to the player Owo

now if you get free stuff in EU and SEA server without making any characters back then, i think that’s a bug to your favor Owo mind you, SEA also had a server merge, any you may have created an account in one of them hence getting 1 free slot instead of 2 in NA

or i have this hypothesis that, beta players are recognized to have an account on beta servers back then NA EU SEA that you get 1 for each? and +1 on the launch account that you played?

NA+1 EU+1 SEA+1

launch main
NA+1 for playing in a different server

so don’t feel bad that you didn’t get one in SA server since that is how it’s supposed to be owO/