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Weekly Raid Boss: Rexipher - Overview, Strategy, and Damage Comparison

Video Description :

:white_check_mark: Weekly Raid Boss: Rexipher - Overview :white_check_mark:

➤ This weekly raid boss is Rexipher, he has insect-type and no attribute with cloth armor. I recommend picking a 3x Chafer card for 30% damage against Insect-type monsters/bosses. He also has reflected skill that occurs around/somewhere between 5:10, 3:20, and 1:10 based on my experiences. I recommend auto-attacking between these times to test the water or cheese it with 1 hp skill.

➤ Purifying Stone will decrease one stack every two seconds. Your character has a total of 80 stacks of poison immunity, and it will take away one poison stack every time you stand in the inner circle along with the purifying stone. Once your poison stack reaches zero, It will apply a poison debuff to your character, which reduces your damage deal to boss/monsters up to 99%. To counter this skill pattern, stand outside the circle, and step back inside the inner circle at 20 for one second to instantly fill up the purifying stone. Every time you do this, it will only take one poison stack away, and prevent your character from losing a lot of poison stack.

➤ The second skill is breath, Rexipher will summon a stationary box that does AoE damage, both horizontally and vertically. Simply stand aside and avoid taking damage as much as possible.

➤ The third skill is assault, Rexipher will summons four demon-type monsters that deal a lot of physical damage. They’re pretty tanking as well, so use AoE skills to take them out as soon as possible.

➤ The fourth skill is magic absorption, Rexipher will summon three portals which sending out a specific buff effect, whenever your character/boss touches it. The Red portal gives damage buff, blue portal give magic defense buff, and gray portal gives physical defense buff. I recommend picking up the red portal orb as much as possible since it counteracts the blue/gray portal depending on your attack type.

➤ Lastly, this week Rexipher has extremely high accuracy, so having high evasion is useless against this week’s raid boss. Stack CON and HP as high as possible!

➤ This video will also compare two ichors; Skiaclipse and Vaivora. Skiaclipse 2H maul offers two extra seconds for Rubric, which synergies well with Dark Rubric’s ARTS by refreshing the debuff duration, as well as increasing damage output for Rubric. While Vaivora 2H Mace increased Crusader skills, but also reduce crusader cooldown, and synergy well with Chant ARTS.
➤ Skiaclipse 2H Maul Stats:
➤ Vaivora 2H Mace Stats:
:white_check_mark: Video Timestamp :white_check_mark:
➤ 0:05 - 0:20 | Rexipher Overview
➤ 0:22 - 1:38 | Weekly Rexipher Skills/Patterns
➤ 1:39 - 1:46 | Skiaclipse & Vaivora
➤ 1:48 - 2:54 | Equipment + Skills
➤ 2:56 - 6:54 | Damage Test
➤ 6:56 - 7:06 | Total Damage Result

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