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Weekly Raid Boss: Mirtis - Overview, Strategy, Guide, and Full Gameplay

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:white_check_mark: Weekly Raid Boss: Nuaele - Skills Patterns :white_check_mark:
➤ Purifying stone will decrease one stack every two seconds. Your character has a total of 80 stacks of poison immunity, and it takes away one poison stack every time you standing the inner circle along with the purifying stone. Once your poison stack reaches zero, it will apply poison debuff to your character, which reduces your damage deal to boss/monsters up to 99%.

➤ To counter this skill pattern, stand outside the circle, and step back inside the circle at 20 for one second to instantly fill up the purifying stone. Every time you do this, it will only take one poison away, and prevent your character from losing a lot of poison stack.

➤ Mirtis’ second pattern skill is Death Rune, which allows Mirtis to summon magic circle under your character. The rune will explode after one second, and taking the explosion from Death Rune will apply to reduce accuracy debuff. Luckily, players can counter this debuff effect by using accuracy ichor on their equipment.

➤ Mirtis’ third pattern skill is Assault, which allows Mirtis to summon Devil-type monsters to protect herself. These monsters are pretty strong, but they have low critical resistances. Players can use these monsters to trigger Ataka set effect for additional damage if they don’t have enough critical rate against Mirtis.

➤ Mirtis’ fourth skill is Rune of Fortitude. Demon Lord Mirtis will summons a magic circle, which increases damage output by a huge margin, but whoever stands the magic circle won’t be able to receive any healing effects from healing skill or potion. I recommend preparing to use the HP elixir after leaving the magic circle. This way, you can keep the damage buff, while keeping your character alive.

➤ Lastly, the Demon Lord Mirtis has a basic attack specialty this week, which empower her basic attack, and making it extremely deadly. There are several options, which include maximizing evasion with ichors or use Demon Lord Zaura card to improve physical defense, along with Leticia Special Potion for damage reduction.
:white_check_mark: Recommend Potions & Buff Effects :white_check_mark:
➤ I also recommend picking food buffs for HP, SP, and regeneration, as well as shop buffs from players for extra defenses. More importantly, make sure to use beast-damage potions like Hero Retribution for higher damage output. Leticia Special Potion is a huge plus if you don’t have enough defenses against Mirtis’ attacks! These potions are very cheap on the market.
➤ Leather ART repair also applies an additional percent damage boost to your character. You can add this bonus effect onto your 4x leather pieces effects. Don’t forget to pick up a 5% magic defense (10% total) from the Enchant Armor shop to reduce incoming magic damage. Make sure to maintain your main weapon + sub-weapon for additional raw damage.
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➤ 0:05 - 0:21 | Nuaele Overview
➤ 0:21 - 0:35 | Nuaele Stats
➤ 0:36 - 2:10 | Weekly Nuaele’s Skills Patterns
➤ 2:11 - 3:02 | Nuaele’s Personal Skills (Danger & Avoid)
➤ 3:03 - 3:37 | Recommend Cards
➤ 3:38 - 3:54 | Recommend Legend Cards
➤ 3:55 - 4:30 | Recommend Potions + Buffs
➤ 4:31 - 5:10 | Equipment & Cards
➤ 5:11 - 5:25 | Assister Combos
➤ 5:25 - 6:07 | Skills Build
➤ 6:08 - 13:25 | Weekly Raid Boss - Mirtis Full Gameplay

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