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Weekly Raid Boss: Marnox - Overview, Strategy, Guide, and Full Gameplay | Tree of Savior

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:white_check_mark: Weekly Raid Boss: Marnox - Skills Patterns :white_check_mark:
➤ Marnox’s first pattern skill is the flame wall. Marnox will summon multiple pillars of flames vertically or horizontally across the map. The flame wall will also knock-down, slow movement speed, and apply DoT damage buff if a player touches it. The best way to deal with the flame wall is by walking through the gap between the wall. Sitting in the corner also helps to avoid the flames as well.
➤ Marnox’s second skill is Overload. The demon lord will randomly summon a black sphere that will chase down your character until it exploded. The explosion damage also drains your character SP over time. There are two solutions to deal with Overlord by using SP elixir can counter the SP drain problem or bait the orb by touching it and walk away until it exploded.
➤ Marnox’s third pattern skill is Thunderbolt. The demon lord will randomly call down a thunderbolt to strike its target, and each strike has a chance to remove players’ self-buffs. Fortunately, the Thunderbolt has a range limit, so it cannot hit your character as long as you sit in the corner area far away from the middle.
➤ Marnox’s fourth skill pattern is Rune of Anguish. The demon lord will summon a magic circle which reduces your character accuracy but also increased both critical rate and damage. The buff effect can stack up to 20 times, and I recommend picking up ichors that offer accuracy stats, but having one accuracy stats (Level 430 Dysnai Ichor) on the weapon is more than enough to utilizes the magic circle.
➤ The Demon Lord Marnox has a skill that does an AoE, a lot of damage, and a chance to apply a burn effect over time. I highly recommend watching out for this attack whenever you’re running this week’s raid boss. Marnox will usually stand in one place for 1-2 seconds to charge up the attack, so take that time and avoid the incoming burst as soon as possible.
:white_check_mark: Recommend Potions & Buff Effects :white_check_mark:
➤ I also recommend picking food buffs for HP, SP, and regeneration, as well as shop buffs from players for extra defenses. More importantly, make sure to use plant-damage potions like Hero Retribution for higher damage output. Leticia Special Potion is a huge plus if you don’t have enough defenses against Marnox’s attacks! These potions are very cheap on the market.
➤ Leather ART repair also applies an additional percent damage boost to your character. You can add this bonus effect onto your 4x leather pieces effects. Don’t forget to pick up a 5% debuff duration (10% total) from the Enchant Armor shop to reduce the slow and SP drain debuffs. Make sure to maintain your main weapon + sub-weapon for additional raw damage.
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:white_check_mark: Video Timestamp :white_check_mark:
➤ 0:05 - 0:21 | Marnox Overview
➤ 0:21 - 0:35 | Marnox Stats
➤ 0:36 - 2:08 | Weekly Marnox’s Skills Patterns
➤ 2:09 - 2:42 | Marnox’s Personal Skills (Danger & Avoid)
➤ 2:43 - 3:18 | Recommend Attack cards
➤ 3:19 - 3:35 | Recommend Legend Cards
➤ 3:36 - 4:11 | Recommend Potions + Buffs
➤ 4:12 - 5:00 | Equipment & Cards
➤ 5:01 - 5:28 | Skills Build
➤ 5:29 - 12:38 | Weekly Raid Boss - Marnox Full Gameplay

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Nice but Earth is weak to Fire not Lightning. Earth reduces lightning Earth damage. You looked at the element table from the wrong direction maybe? :smiley:

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Hey Ayalon, I used TOS old elemental table. It’s a little bit confused between ATK vs DEF, so i might read it wrong/

Nice guide as always. and, yep, you really read the element table wrongly.

As you can see, from the current chart, Earth get 50% more damage from Fire and 12.5% from Poison

And i still doesn’t understand why IMC using header as a DEF instead of ATK which should make more senses for many ppl.

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Do they choose type, attribute and defense randomly? For sure Marnox is not supposed to be “plant type”…

great video but I’d say only 730m at the end is quite alarming about this week. Getting those 5b reward will be a pain

At the end I was wrong too because earth reduces itself only… xD So Lightning will still hit it with full damage just no reducement and no bonus.

Also unfortunately that old table is wrong because they changed it to the “more common in mmos” version where the 4 basic elements hit each other in a circle.

Ice -> Fire -> Earth -> Lightning -> Ice

But it seems like they made the damage get weaker against themselves only. Like Earth vs Earth is -25%