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Weekly Boss Raid Run Scores not being counted

Hi! There have been instances that the WBR score that I get is high enough to rank, but the score is not recorded, the total points haven’t changed, yet the entry count has been consumed. The run will only count if i die beforehand or something like that. I thought this was just a one-time bug last week but it has happened to me for the second consecutive week already.

Hello goforgaius,

Kindly send us a support ticket for assistance regarding the matter.

Just to be sure: you do WBR only with that character? If you do WBR with another character (from different class) and you get a higher score, only that one counts. If you do 1b damage with a swordsman and rank #11 then do 900mil with a cleric and rank #7, unfortunately, the #11 rank is picked.


I sent a ticket and it vanished after 24h after posting, it can’t be seen in my ticket list

nope I’m just using 1 character in my account for wbr haha

@GM_Francis I sent another ticket earlier and what I got is the same fabricated reply that you will follow up to the respective department. It’s been 7 weeks and I’m still experiencing this WBR Bug which now renders me unable to receive even the Rewards for dealing 2.5B Damage to the boss, which I have cleared through all my runs (6 consecutive runs, btw, all weren’t even recorded in the game.

In my opinion, it’s a general issue that if you have connection problems that your score isn’t counted. Also if I’m at 30M damage for example and then disconnect, it should at least count those 30M damage to my total and not count it as 0M damage and still deduct an attempt.

dude, I finished the 7 minutes of the wbr and yet there’s no score recorded. I didnt even disconnect, I was able to go back to town.

This bug is appearing again -.-