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Weekend event helper

am i missing something or theres really no info about what this npc gives during weekend.

npc on what event?

check every town.shes there.

Its prob for those CM Portal and Resets on weekends.
Check it again on friday. :satisfaction:

5 CM reset&portal
some seed+statue
6 hour buff of +100% exp and +500% class point

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it seems everyday has different buff reward

and you can refresh the buff by talking to that weekend NPC again

Wow, that’s pretty awesome

i know it was holiday and somehow you could get lazy or hurry but they really need to put details for this events.they really did miss to add this event details and also let a bug slip in in another event. i hope theres a an update in next mt at least.

lul i guess they read this thread,cause

but theres still mistake on what we got at 4th jan.but nvm it lol.
thanks imc

Anyone understand the bottom part of the announcement? What did they list?

Especially “EXP penalty exemption when enhancing Gems” part.

I really wonder when that is active actually…Every WE-Day?
Anyway this would enable you to level your Gems faster plus you can use a lvl X Gem to upgrade another Gem to the same level (Gems will be like an abrasive of their level)

They already did that in the past. This simply means using a level x gem to enhance another gem will provide that gem the exp of all the levels from 1 to x instead of just giving the exp from level x. For example, adding a level 7 gem will give the full 230k instead of just 172k.

Yes that’s indeed a good summary.

1 Like info.
2.the even ongoing
3.after event up, theres info following up
4.the info is unclear,there is even a mistake, and some questionable parts like when pamoka solution x 2 buff up and that gem exempt thing. week is the last week,still unclear

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