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Weekend Burning Cm Reset

is there a reason why we are not getting anymore free cm reset with the burning weekend event?
you know…its not like your game is basically based on CM spam at this point.

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5k mercernary badges per day.

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even with those we had the free ones with the weekend burning event.

also, not enough,there are other things to buy and to end,that is not an answer to my question.

then make a choice and priority.

question: why dont we get anymore enter things name like 2 weeks ago and beyond that?

yOu cAn bUy iT wItH mErC bAdGeS.

ok, now can you let someone with actual knowledge answer?


We had to say goodbye to:

  • legendary raid/uphill one time reset
  • double raid rewards/fixed stone cost
  • CM vouchers

So what will be next…


Imagine simping for a broken game and a publisher who can’t even executed their repeated events properly.

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Makes u get frustrated… encourage you to spam tp for cm voucher in the next leticia box

@GM_Francis is this a bug? Are we getting compensated for 2nd weekend of no CM resets?

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at least say something.

Kim texted me and told me why he removed free resets
He said

Buy more Leticia cubes hehehe