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Weapon swap for Assassin-Bullet Marker

Hi! I’m a returnee player and I was wondering if the weapon swap system changed for Assassin-Bullet Marker, or for all clases, because I cannot make it work! I used to have a pistol/sword in one option in my equip and dagger/sword in the second one, and they’d swap automatically while using Assassin and Bullet Marker skills interchangeably. I cannot do that now. Does it work manually now? Thanks everyone!

Weapon swap was removed from the game. Now you can equip 2 sets of weapons (when you reach level 460) and use skills without swapping. Until level 460 you can only use 1 weapon.

There’s automatic swap but only when you equip Goddess Gear (Vasilisa currently). You get your first vasilisa gifted by clearing episode 12-2, you can get old weapons that can be transformed into extra weapons in episode 12-1 (ask others how to), you get other stuff in episode 13-1.