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Weapon doubt for my diev/priest/paladin build

Greetings to all, I would like to expose you a doubt about the possible weapon I should use in my build. I’m using a diev / priest / paladin build, which on paper I would like to use both for boss - CM thanks to the owls statues, and for party support. I currently use a 2H weapon as I see other players use, but some recommend a 1H with a shield instead. Which of the two should I use, counting that I would like to use the character, even for solitary runs using the statues for dps against bosses and CM and not just to support the party? Thanks in advance for your answers

Use 1h mace + shield if you are a cleric healer/support since there is an attribute to boost your heal if you use 1h mace, shield for survivability.

You probably saw other clerics that are not heal/support cause 2h is for dps build.

Thank you for the answer