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Weapon choice for my builds


Hi, so I have 2 main builds: oracle-inqui-zealot (phy build) and plague-druid-exorc (mag build).

What kind of weapons would you recommend for the 2 builds? 2-H mace? 1-H mace and shield? Or rod and shield?


Still no answer? I thought my question should be quite simple to experienced players…

Or maybe the question is too dumb that no one wants to answer XD


It depends on weapon stat. But it’s the same for any class. If you want phys damage, stack str and dex. If you want magic dmg, stack int. If you are hybrid, put a bit of Con and Spr. If you want a bit more defense, get a shield. The equipment in this game is pretty straightforward.

All weapon are fine until you reach end game for Velcoffer weapon. That’s when you will want to choose to farm specific Ichor weapon.


asked the same question on cleric thread, got the asio mace for any/most build answer. velco mace with asio mace ichor would be my end game.