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Weakness popup text is missing

The pop up text above monsters when you hit them with something they are weak against (lightning vs ice mobs, pierce vs leather etc) is missing entirely, and has been missing for a couple of patches now. I’m not sure for how long exactly, but it might have been since that big patch where you did some class changes and added attributes.

Server Name: Fedimian

Team Name: Canavi

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Use any elemental spell on a monster that is weak vs it.
  2. No +50% text pop ups.


  • CPU : 3570k i5
  • RAM : 16 GB
  • Graphics Card : Palit GeForce 1060 Ti
  • Mainboard : ASRock z77 Extreme4
  • Storage : Enough
  • OS : Windows 7 x64
  • Internet Connection : 100mbit
  • Country, Region : Sweden
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Actually, it seems to mostly be the element popups that are missing. Slash bonus and stuff like dagger finish bonus damage works fine for the most part.

Hello kashoucanavi,

For us to further investigate on your concern, kindly send us a ticket and we will gladly assist you.

if this is a bug please don’t fix it, enough damage spam, or please add button to hide all this, atlest yellow words

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