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We will only need 15 vaivora transmutator for lv1 to lv4 vaivora?

Based on the first 18 seconds in this video

i count total 15 transmutator, dont know what is that 2nd material

That’s the new Goddess Coins

how about that one? the 2nd lv3 vaivora?

Level Upgrade Material
Lv.1 (Unlock) Specified [Lv1] Vaivora Vision x1
Lv.2 (Upgrade) Vaivora Transmutator x2
Gabija Token x20,000
Lv.3 (Upgrade) Vaivora Transmutator x5
Gabija Token x50,000
Lv.4 (Upgrade) Specified [Lv1] Vaivora Vision x1
Vaivora Transmutator x10
Gabija Token x100,000
Total Specified [Lv1] Vaivora Vision x2
Vaivora Transmutator x17
Gabija Token x170,000

how to farm that gabija token? same as mercenary badge?

Gabija Token is basically your new Untradible Silver, it drops from doing main farming content including cm, ds, field farm(yes, its back), toshero, bounty hunt

In exchange, Silver income is severely cut (to about 170~200k per cm) because everything you need for equipment growth is basically purchasable with Gabija Token (1.5~1.8k per cm, 10k per toshero).


There is a shop and you can buy the coins 1:1000 silver

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Does this somehow indirectly buff player shops for income then? Since silver will become less attainable :thinking:

how do IMC refund vaivora lv4 before that patch?
becoming 8 vaivora vision lv 1 and all used-transmutator refunded?

all refunded to original + vvr transmutor with the silver cost too…

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