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We need to talk about costume quests


I’m enjoying a lot doing the costume quests, but some of them are just impossible or to much difficult.

Pied Piper:
Its a nice quest and fits the context, but we need to finish 10 rounds in just 4 minutes…
Thats crazy… Even when I don’t miss the point, I finish with just 8 rounds. Its quite impossible.

Ok, we got the rage and the frustation of mining a bomb right at the start…
Its a logical game, but, just 2 minutes to complete a random table that at the start is just luck? And I didnt got why this quest fits in the concept of the master Zealot…

Onmyogi is pure RNG.:cry:

The Matador, Exorcist and Shadow quests are fine and have sinergy with the class masters.

I do think that the idea of quests for diferent costumes works, but it has to be a good thing to do, not a impossible.

Please, rework the costume quests.:pleading_face:

The pied piper quest becomes very easy after you re-map your keyboard. Change character movement to WASD and the quest flutes to up, down, left and right. Got the 2 costumes+accessory in 4 tries like this.

Zealot quest sucks for those like me who are terrible at minesweeper… feelsbadman. I wish it was reworked.

Exorcist and shadow quests rely on having a good connection, so they can be annoying. Took me 19 tries to get the vertex beacon, and 6 MONTHS to get the shadow accessory.

Outlaw quest is another annoying one, imo you shouldnt need to have mov speed buffs and to buy enchant fire just for a costume quest.

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Zealot quest is poorly designed. You have a few time and the numbers you already unlocked are not visible the entire time, they vanish after a few seconds. The display of the numbers is a core aspecto of mine sweeper, so you can think what you should move next.

Zealot is a pure masochist, so the cos quest is show how masochist you are.

also outlaw does not recognize the xbox gamepad