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We need Boruta Seal Level 10, Vaivora level 3/4/5, Legendary Gear 440+ and 450+

…we need more hard rng contents/gear. Please, listen us IMC. We don’t want funny PvE/PvP contents, we don’t want less rng progression, we just want more casino. Also, we want more season servers where we need to create new accounts. It’s amazing and very funny!

Why, why you don’t listen to us? We Korean/Lucky Boooys players just need more rng and grind in our lives. It’s so boring when you get better gear with hard work and “funny” contents. I just want to spend all my life in CMS (this is the best content ever, everybody knows!!!).

Thank you
- Lucky Boooy


Very sad this is true, if you know what I mean. “progression” in this game is more rng until everyone just passes out just trying to keep up.


The Sarcasm on this topic is spot on.


Unfortunately IMC doesn’t understand sarcasm.


There has to be something better than getting people broke from gambling IMC, it will only encourage RMT and botting more, with this style of progression. It is a shame.
But also it’s not that easy to create content, so it’s also good that us players always, no matter how many times, have to deliver them feedback.

Back in the early Ragnarok Online days, people would gather in one map, to gang up on 1 Ghostring that spawns every 60min. With it’s card having a drop rate of 0.1%. Certainly those weren’t fun times and we also don’t want that. Honestly you have a way higher chance of obtaining a Vaivora premium than a Ghostring Card.

But still, we appreciate the hard work, give is CMs and more content, no more gambling please for the love of God

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console command god mode please

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yes, i like this idea.

rng is my life.

so, imc do it right now, plz.

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I think even with this rng we have easy to find people have good gear, like +16 is a common thing now, and accesory is also most player can fulfil, if you hit spot rng, the gear full itself even i believe 30% player have seal 3, if you want everyone have same uptodate gear, you will not feel “look at my gear, im special,”
Then feel boring also,
Lv 2 vaivora not have high different with lv1 vaivora, also seal lv5 not greatly boost power,
I think IMC should care about BOT and bug abuser, check every player silver how they get, from market or from bug abuser,
Annoying if we hard collect money when other have silver machine

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While they’re at it, EXP gains should be random as well, 30% chance to fail to get any EXP at all!


I have to admit, this is quite true. I guess you can’t just make everyone lucky, if everyone will have seal 3, vaivora, +16 the sense of competition will fade and we be all like “meh everybody’s similar anyway whats the point”. But getting those are not impossible, but you have to really work hard and be patient. Silver in this game is the easiest to obtain, compared to other MMO’s out there, mobs don’t even drop silver. You have to rely on RNG loot that you can sell. Here we can do both.

3 days ago scout was suffering. They saw it and gave a decent buff, so they do pay attention.

But business is business, you have to pay people to feed them, you have maintenance costs, rentals, taxes etc… so yeah, TP shop is fine. Unless you want your server to shut down.

The only thing the i don’t like here is the gambling mechanics, because it is so draining with the possibility of not getting anything.


where are my real gacha which you really hit prize like 2b, 5b silver?

No, cm dcp when u hit rng insta rich, vaivora, arch stone, seal kedoran, seal uphil, weekly boss, card legend, every rng can gear up player,

Or you want every player have easy gear?? Everyone have seal+5 or seal+3, got +21 varna

IMC’s Mgmt: “Write that down, write that down!”
Devs: “Content for dayzzz beybee!”


make a rcp: “shining golden leticia cube” need 3× leticia, silver, bg, etc. up to imc like. it gave 2 hour silver field drop buff, extend token duration, better chance to give rank a item when open, etc. but 30% gave totaly nothing. it casino. hehehe. whatever, change as imc like it.

Pq vc joga esse jogo? Só reclama e chora, e ataca todos que discordam de você.

Depois de ter tomado uma emrabada no forum, fez aquele pedido de desculpa tosco por ter chamado as pessoas de toxicas, mas continua falando merda pra chamar atencao aqui, no discord da Limit e in-game.

Vai fazer terapia Picles, sério.

Eu jogo porque eu tenho a opção, porque ainda me diverte, porém não me conformo com certos sistemas e por isso faço críticas, luto pelos meus ideias e não fico pastando igual um gadinho corninho e aceitando qualquer coisinha que a dev joga para a comunidade ocidental (coisa que você faz com maestria).

Nem lembro a última vez que entrei no Discord da sua guilda (Limit) amigo. Acho que mais de 1 ou 2 meses?

Ataco todos? Tiveram pessoas que se posicionaram contra a minha crítica neste tópico e nem por isso eu ataquei as mesmas. Até porque, isso daqui é um diálogo (coisa que você não curte fazer).

Totalmente parcial, se tranca em uma caixinha, toma tudo o que pensa como verdade e se ofende por um tópico cômico como esse.

Talvez a terapia junto de um psiquiatra seja ideal para uma mente perturbada como a sua… passe bem!

Obs: terapia é bom mesmo, mas no seu caso precisa de um medicamento pesado, por isso recomendei ir a um psiquiatra! Não fique tímido, é bom se tratar mesmo.

No. I don’t want everyone with seal +5, varna +21 (in few days, weeks, months… this need to be a long time progression). What I think is, we don’t need more better gear stuff.

Really, I understand the rng sometimes, it’s ok, but sometimes it’s not ok. I just think it is insane to have a Seal Level 5, for example (because the rng it’s ridiculous here). But, it’s just my opinion and I respect yours.