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We need a statement from the staff

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And the sad part is, if you had checked it 3 days ago - you probably would have chosen to play. That’s how fast something like restricting trading can destroy an entire community.


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Maybe. But if so, they shouldn’t have weakened the bosses too. I’m not complaining too much about that though, but I felt more content having beaten a boss monster I died more than 5 times to.

Now, I haven’t died a single time while fighting a boss.


I mean, you have a statement from them - and it is updated daily.

We’ve received 2 different sets of free goodies as compensation for problems. I have no idea what more you want. Since release they have released 2 new servers, a team name change service and emergency maintenance on the main problem server. It is obvious that they are actively working to solve the issues.

Are all of the problems solved yet? No. But as long as they are working on it, what more can they do?

They’ve yet to state some of the more major issues is my problem. I want them to at the very least acknowledge that these are issues, because there have been games in the past where optimization was never even considered a problem to the staff members. I don’t want that to be repeated.

Name one major issue that hasn’t been addressed.

Read my post, maybe.

And the thread in general.

I did read your post. Every major issue you listed has been addressed. Perhaps you should try reading the announcement threads rather than spreading misinformation.

I’d like to see where they addressed the trading, game optimization, an actual solution to the goldsellers, issues with the dungeons, the rate that enemies are spawning and causing difficulty for people to complete quests.

Oh sorry, lets defend the company that ■■■■■■■ fists my anus because I love their game

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Trading is a game design decision.

Game optimization - see emergency maintenance

gold sellers - see emergency maintenance

dungeons - see known issues

spawn rate preventing quest completion - Not a major issue.

Like I said, perhaps you should try reading the announcement threads rather than asking for communication that has already happened.

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It doesn’t matter if its a design decision or not, it’s doing more bad than good. And players are trying to stand out and say, “hey, this wasn’t a good idea, can we go back to how it was?”


The emergency maintenance has to do with the servers, it has nothing to do with how the game runs on a single core and leaks memory everywhere.

Spawn rates preventing completion is a major issue, a plethora of players are stuck in the tenet church because of this.

Gold sellers have been addressed, yet are still present.

Game design decision or not, it is a poor one.

I’m not sure why you’re trying to defend the quality of this game.

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Wait… what? staff? are them real?

I have one. It’s +1 right now. Need more silver for anvils

I has been told you need to sacrifice 32 virgins for you to summon one… Pretty rare indeed

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Shitpeople like you are the reason that everything in the world is moving slower than supposed.
Please drown in a house fire.


Actually, server stability is directly related to how the game runs.

Thanks captain obvious. It’s almost like, some problems require more than one solution. Your complaint in the beginning was that the problem wasn’t addressed. Now you are complaining that the problem isn’t solved. I already agreed with you that the problem isn’t solved. You somehow managed to combine moving the goalposts and a strawman argument into one sentence. Incredible.

That’s a nice opinion you’ve got there. Expecting IMC or any gaming company for that matter to respond to every single design decision someone on the forums disagrees with is asinine.

I’ll repeat myself for the last time since you seem to have a reading problem:

It is obvious this game has problems. Just as obviously, IMC is working to fix them. If you are too obtuse to understand that, then by all means cry about it on the forums. I’m sure that will solve something.