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WBR rank reward imbalance

WBR rank reward is the best way to get an absurd amount of Vakarine coins. However there’s a big problem: it’s tied to the class you play. Each week I use my main to get the basic rewards in one go, deal a few billions damage, get satisfied with my run and call it a week. The next monday I look at the WBR results, see I’m rank 15 with my wizard, but it’s fine since those 14 people with better results are simply better than me at this game. I claim my million+ Vakarine coins and use them to improve my characters further and I’m happy with that. However last week I looked more closely at the WBR results… and was dismayed to see that the players at rank 8-10 for archers did… almost no damage at all (you could probably use the lowest level possible character allowed to participate to WBR and enter naked for that result).

Basically the game ties probably the best current reward to the number of players using a specific class vs the performance of these players with that class. I understand that you need to “balance” the rewards vs the class you play, but this should be done the way it is handled when you do Bernice: coin reward based on performance (Bernice: more mercenary badges with higher stage; WBR: more Vakarine coins with higer damage), extra rewards based on rank (Bernice: burning incence for best ranks per class; WBR: ichor fragments for best ranks per class).

Wbr reward “imbalance” happens since day 1 wbr exist and it’s how the system works. Idk what you try to prove here except another insight that your server is dead like any others.

Currently WBR ranking system been compromised by new rewards : 60x 100TP Chests.
Ichor Extraction Kit is also included within the last boss rewards but only for Madon Maiden owners.
Specter of Deceit was considered as reward but because of the effect Maximum SP +★*30+300 at Level 10+900 with 3 Level 10 cards** they discarded it and imbalanced the new reward system.

ToS reward system heavily took hit with the Minor Brainbox update which reduced the total vitality of WBR bosses by -50.

I think they give better rewards later on though.

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