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WBR podium for each class, limited to one

How about making the podium of the World Boss Raid for each class instead of only the main tree?
This would be great for those who want to compete but not with the Meta build, and make it only avaible to rank in one, like, if you’re for example, Falco, Mergen, Ranger, and you get 1st, 5th and 3th, you can only rank in the one you get the best rank, in this case, with Falco, but you cannot get more rewards for 5th and 3th as Merger and Ranger and only be able to rank with one character per team, not more than one


tbh the idea of WBR as healthy competition is irrelevant when meta cancer and abuseable bug still exist. make it battle per tree is another stoopd idea when they didnt attempt to balance classes/build justifically. all came down because they dont even play their ■■■■■■■ game.

I wish WBR is like Gemstone Feud … Fixed Weapon/Armor/Accessory so it all depends on your combo and positioning … 98% of the playerbase just do it for the 20b gem box … XDD

This will be a great idea so many people can get top rank rewards.
Also there should be a penalty/ban/cooldown for top rankers - like if you rank from prevoius week, you wont be eligible to rank the leader board on the following week.

Same names always getting rank rewards every week. Only the rich become richer.

off-topic, on the reason why content creation is so bad in TOS

They play their game, they give themselves top gear, play like total noobs and try every content exactly 1 time regardless of them succeeding or failing the attempt, they think that “players” can close the gap with better equipment and skills[they admitted this for the Giltine hard raid, chances are high this can be applied to most content].
That’s probably also how they balance the classes,except that they also take data feedback from testserver to rebalance in case something is not meeting their expectancy (doesn’t matter how viable it is later, it comes down to subjective judgement).

Ever since they came out with the Giltine story, I cannot expect anything from these guys anymore.
They didn’t even retry the content until they succeeded,they failed miserably and left it to the top geared people to clear.

I never really trusted the developers on anything, but this is really devastating, them admitting to not working properly, thus creating problems for the players. No wonder the game had so many bugs, balance issues and blandness everywhere, they throw half-assed content at the players and expect them to do all the work for them to save money/time, because there are way more players than developers.

The alarm bells are now constantly ringing here and there, like how the developers say that they cannot rebalance old ichors to be usable with goddess equipment but they want to instead bring new vaivoras, attributes, arts,etc. to fix that gap.
What is more work? Fixing the old ichors to be useful with goddess set without creating balance issues, or creating hundreds of new arts/attributes and dozens of extra vaivoras for the same purpose?
Doesn’t this reek against the wind? They cannot afford putting some effort since it’s hard to balance, and instead put much more effort into making completely new things with apparently similar effects/niches?

How high is the chance on guys that abandoned several systems along the way, broke several development promises, changed systems on a whim, just rolled back the common classes after the announcement of the roadmap and do only one test run on the hardest content available doing this right in a way that everyone can benefit from the items/arts/attributes made?

If you look at this realistically, with them announcing episode 14 release for this year and all that other stuff on the roadmap, the chance is near 100% that they will abandon that notion.
They just write it so people don’t protest and/or stop playing.
It’s the same lie as with the 1 art per class per year and 1 armor type art per class which they never made. They just released some armor art for some classes and other arts for other classes and then they stopped. No extra arts for newly released classes that year, no new armor arts.

On topic: WBR is cancer, just like JSR, because it is made for meta alone. Not even the notion of making it class-exclusive would solve anything, because then the whales would just spread into one other class and take that rank from others since their equipment is far better as they earned/saved all that silver from JSR and WBR rewards on top of doing hard raids and having access to res sacrae hard.

What’s the point? The fact that you still have to fight against the same people doesn’t change, it’s just that they will adjust their builds so they no longer have to fight amongst themselves (all Inqui-Krivis-Zealots will split into Monk/Paladin/Chaplain/Pardoner/Dievdirbys/Druid/etc. for the third class and all get rank 1-3 in these class categories, same with the PD-Crusader-Mikos going into Exo/Sadhu/Pala/Krivis/Priest/Kabba/etc.).
The new plan to change support classes into 70% DPS 30% support will just help this notion of top players spreading into non-meta for the third class, as goddess equip is individual and lowers the hurdles of building a separate char for WBR in the future.

I don’t really think theres anything wrong with the same people ranking WBR all the time. Aside from the top 5 reward, theres not much more to it other than the total damage reward that anyone can get.
WBR is a pretty good system for determining the overall meta on the server and you can already sort by sub-class if you want to perform comparisons within your base tree.

I don’t think theres enough players to make a sub-class based WBR competitive enough, and it will just hand out items like candy without no incentive to attempt to improve your WBR score.
If you wanna hand out items for free, make the item reward for top25 or something, theres simply too many subclasses.


If master Classes Exists this will be a Good idea but since they didnt add master classes instead they did Vaivora weapons and cause a million more balace problems it ll be imposible

Well they didn’t get there by complaining and dancing on rooftops.