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Wastrel Sword description change

So, with the new update, comes A TON of changes that isn’t included in the patch notes… one being this wastrel sword. Back then, the description of wastrel sword was clear, it triggers when there is strike damage dealt. Now? Nothing. It gives only half-assed information regarding it’s effect. It will trigger berserk buff that gives you 2x crit chance ON WHAT TRIGGER? Is it normal hits? Is it the regular good ol’ lightning hands?

I honestly don’t know if it’s a mistranslation issue or bug or the kr team changed it the way it is, but this is quite a problem for people decided to invest on this weapon, only to be left disappointed when they know it only works with enchanter and nothing else. Please elaborate on the description, and if it’s turned out to be a bug, (as I can’t seem to trigger it without lightning hands) fix it.

yeah it’s quite funny they changed the effect text to the worse :cricket:

it’s still like it was before: strike attacks and skills can trigger it, like lightning hands