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Warlock's invocation

After ARTS, every skill aside of Pole of Agony feels underwhelming, and Invocation +
Dark theurge are competing against each other to do the same thing, while Demon Scratch is forsaken for it’s cast time.

Warlock needs an overhaul which changes this current competition on Invocation vs Dark theurge by making both skills share skill factors. For this purpose I would suggest Keeping invocation as it is and changing dark theurge completely.

There would be many possibilites on what dark theurge could do, it could be an aoe skill which creates 1 spirit per enemy hit; it could be a magic circle which increases invocation evil spawn ratio massively, it could absorb nearby spirits to create a damage reduction bonus for a short duration of time or either gain HP back, making spirit sacrifice themselves automatically for 10s…

Lastly i’d like to mention that Demon Scratch doesn’t fit a purpose as of now, removing or reducing cast time would definetly help it a lot DPs wise, but considering warlock is a “mini-game” class, with spirit micro-managing, it’s last skill should also match this concept.

A buff which increases maximum spirit count to 15, or makes all spirits “tough” or “red” for a limited time might be more meaningful and rewarding to the player.

My actual view on a fun warlock as of now would have the skills work this way:

Invocation: Increase spirit spawn ratio to 1 spirit every 1 seconds, duration 15s CD 30s.

Dark theurge: CD = 14s at lvl 1, and 5s at level 10.
Dmg dependant on invocation sfr.

Evil Sacrifice: max level 1.

Mastema: stay as right now. (edit: Possible move to max level 10 and make the DoT increase by number of curses applied on target, giving it a fitting place in a featherfoot build).

Ghastly trail, Max level 10, no longer a chanelling skill, makes spirits approach you (like evil sacrifice but without targeting an enemy), Enemies in the vicinity take 1 stack of Panic per Evil spirit. For each stack of Panic: 1% damage done by Evil Spirits per skill level. For example, if 6 spirits are nearby a monster with level ghastly trail, at level 10, that would make that monster take +60% damage from evil spirits for the next 3-5s

Featherfoot’s Kundela Slash does Extra hits per Panic Stack.

Pole of Agony: stay as it is right now. (edit: Move to max level 15 to have tougher skill distribution)

Demon Scratch: Removed
New Skill: Amok

Amok is a short buff skill that increases invocation summoning speed, spirits continously sacrifice themselves to the nearest target or enemy affected by mastema. Duration = 6s. Cooldown 20s. Invocation summons an additional spirit per cycle.

Featherfoot attribute: Amok: Painful Death. All spirits summoned are angered/tough (red spirits) during Amonk’s duration.


The problem with warlock’s spirits is the limit on the number, making Invocation and Dark Theurge basically the same skill with just different CD. And since you don’t have enough points to max them you need to either get one or get a crappy version of the two.

I would do the opposite. Dark Theurge summons instantly, scales well and has low CD, which is perfect for this kind of skill. Simply get rid of Invocation.

The problem is that now Mastema does a ton of damage and then has those irrelevent ticks which are like 0.01% of the initial damage. The Stigma debuff should do way more damage or add at least “something” to the equation.

Builds are supposed to have variations, but having dark theurge and invocation be the exact same as they are now has no point. Invocation takes 20s to summon 10 spirits and Dark theruge is a 20s CD 5 spirits with double hits. Exact same. Personally i prefer the concept behind invocation way more than dark theurge.

I do believe that mastema could do more damage, but i would prefer if they aim Mastema Skill level to affect Featherfoot skills greatly. So Warlock FF could have a curse variant or a spirit intensive variant. The previous existing version in korea where mastema was doing 2m dmg every second was retarded and not fair, it’s not what we should be looking forwards to.

Something such as; Mastema DoT does 10% SFR per curse on the enemy. Making it important maxing mastema and having to give up on other skills.
Mastema as of now only plays in the Warlock mini-game by acting as a targetting system.

I couldnt agree more on the rework.
Concerning Dark theurge vs Invocation, I much prefer invocation that allow to get more than 10 spirit if you use some before the end of the spell, or to generate them faster by killing ennemy. Dark theurge in comparaison is… well, 5 spirit that follow you.

That’s why I would keep invocation working as it is now.

But I would change Dark theurge to something new, like having the spirit forming a moving circle around you doing damage (determined by the level of the skill) and some debuff (like, blind? curse?)on an attribute to ennemy they touch -> this time not exploding.
Or, it could be more CC, by having 5 spirit sticking to random foe and imobilising (for a duration determined by the level of the skill) them while inflicting dot (and/or debuff with attribute). Of course, using ghastly trail or evil sacrifice would cancel this action, exploding the spirit for their base damage.
-> lead to a choice of DPS mainly with maxing invocation, or CC with maxing dark theurge.

Love your rework on ghastly trail! Could also work while keeping the “follow” animation, allowing the player to “select” the position of evil spirit (maybe as an attribute).

I love the Amok Idea, this would work wonders with Pole of agony Art. Concerning your last line, you mean Warlock attribute I hope? for “Amok: painful Death”.

They could also retake the old skill “drain” (absorb spirit in proximity to improve dark damage depending of number of spirit drained).

Concerning the name for Amok, since it’s better to keep a certain cohesion among the different names. I would said that a name like : Well of sins, Demonic Surge,… would fit better.

Also, one option would be to have it as a casting spell, as long as you maintain the spell it continue (for 6sc), with maybe some defense buff (like once again an attribute to add CC maybe? like slow ennemy in proximity, or push the/stagger them a little each time they are hit? so not enough to stop them to reach you but allowing you to continue casting).
Again here, works wonder with FF (and also Igloo cryo).

But I do not have much hope. Is there any occurence IMC notice that kind of feedback?