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War Feedback 04/17/2018

  • Team Name: olcerin

  • Character Name: turpin

  • Class Build: Cleric/Krivis/Taoist

  • CPU: AMD A8-6500 APU

  • RAM: 8.00 GB

  • Graphics Card: Radeon HD Graphics

  • OS: Windows 10

  • Internet Connection Speed: Enhanced Cable

  • Country/State: USA (East Coast)

  • Comments: I think I would love the format if I didn’t have bad technical problems. Everything from my movement to the activation of any skills was nearly a full second delayed for most of my participation. I had about a 2 minute period where it seemed to improve a little bit but that was it. Also the lengthes of time that you remain frozen from summon or skill effects should really be reduced during PVP. I’d have been aggravated as hell if it wasn’t presented as a Beta test. If it stays like it is with my delays I’d never play it.

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