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Wacky ideas for a possible enchanter rework

Since the latest events got me willing to play again for a while i’m just sharing a brain fart about a wacky way to change Enchanter into something that is completely different and unique to the game. As someone that doesn’t play the class nor have interest on it this can be seen as unreasonable and a terrible idea but the current class iteration never felt more than a bland stat booster and since the brain fart came i’m sharing it. And before anyone says a thing, i know that the chance of this reaching IMC is as high as winning the lottery but i’m just having some fun with a brain fart.

The ideal conditions for it are

  • Move it back to the wizard tree
  • Add new craftable items
  • Have the property system to be changed in some degree
  • Provide a core skill for free (cannot be leveled)
  • Change how player shops work
  • Base DoT debuffs scaling with both MAtk and PAtk

What remains

  • AA oriented damage
  • Support nature

There goes the pitch (don’t take names seriously).

Harvest Essence
Generates a Essence Elemental Property buff equal to the elemental property of the target, if used again the buff will be overwritten by the newer one.
Harvest Essence - Physical Property - Uses the armor property instead. When used offensively properties will be applied as their offensive counterpart (Cloth -> Slash, Ghost -> Magic).
Harvest Essence - Self - Targets the own caster.
This is the core skill that will setup all the others.

Overwrites the properties of X targets within the selected area for X seconds, using the Harvest Essence buff.

Enchant Armor
Consumes the Harvest Essence buff to enchant allies armor with a different property and a protective shield (High Guard/Forge) that only reacts to properties with (in)compatibility for X seconds. Ex: Ice armor shield will protect against Ice, Fire, Lightning and Poison properties only, if an enemy attacks with a Holy skill the damage will go through.
Spending points in Enchant Armor allows the player to set up a shop to change the properties of other players armor.

  • Lvl 1 - Lightning, Ice, Fire and Earth
  • Lvl 2 - Poison and Psychokinesis
  • Lvl 3 - Holy and Dark
  • Lvl 4 - Cloth, Leather and Plate
  • Lvl 5 - Ghost

Enchant Armor - Debuff Safeguard - Grants immunity to the corresponding buff (check Property Domain) while the shield is active.

Magic Hands
Consumes the Harvest Essence buff to enchant the user hands, overwriting the property of its basic attacks (ideally like original Lightning Hands) and add +X Property Attack corresponding to the buff.
Spending points in Magic Hands allows the player to set up a shop to change the properties of other players weapons .

  • Lvl 1 - Lightning, Ice, Fire and Earth
  • Lvl 2 - Poison and Psychokinesis
  • Lvl 3 - Holy and Dark
  • Lvl 4 - Cloth, Leather and Plate
  • Lvl 5 - Ghost

Property Domain
Consumes the Harvest Essence buff to enchant the selected area, increasing the damage dealt to enemies within the area when dealing the corresponding property damage by X%. Upon cast all enemies inside it will be afflicted by a debuff for a variable duration.

  • Lightning - Shock (5s)
  • Ice - Freeze (3s)
  • Fire - Burn (10s)
  • Earth - Petrify (3s)
  • Poison - Poison (10s)
  • Psychokinesis - Trap (3s)
  • Dark - Blindness (4s)
  • Holy - Silence (4s)
  • Slash - Slow (8s)
  • Pierce - Bleeding (10s)
  • Strike - Stun (3s)
  • Ghost - Curse (8s)

Spell Burst
Consumes the Harvest Essence buff to blast the selected location dealing damage to enemies in radius.


  • Enchant Round - Grants a random Harvest Essence buff when consumed. Used for shops.
  • Enchant Round - Element - Grants the corresponding Harvest Essence buff when consumed. Cannot be used for shops.
  • Add Lightning Enchant Round and Earth Enchant Round as easy craftables.
  • Add Poison Enchant Round, Psychokinesis Enchant Round, Dark Enchant Round and Holy Enchant Round as craftables that require special uncommon items.

Again, brain fart. It can’t even be a full skill set as it lacks a 6th full skill. Have fun expanding it (or not).


I always thought that Enchanter would be good if could properly equip the Enchant Rounds in some sort of way, so it could… well, enchant the equipment.

As it is stated as a class that cannot use magic on its own, relies on catalysts and enchant equipment in general, my idea would change the class to be more complex:

Enchant Rounds

  • 4 versions, one of each base element (Fire, Ice, Lightning, Earth)

Enchant Window

  • Four slots - Armor, Gloves, Boots and Weapon
  • Each slot interact with one specific Enchanter skill (more on that below)
  • You can equip one Enchant Round on each slot
  • You cannot equip the same element more than once
  • When using the corresponding skill, the effect of that enchant round would also be applied
  • The effect is listed below the equipped Enchant Round
  • Example of Earth Enchant Round on: Armor: more defense, Gloves: chance of petrify, Boots: immune to root/hold, Weapon: secondary earth property hit


  • Agility: also applies the effect of the Boots Enchant Round. Maybe change the name to Enchant Boots
  • Enchant Glove: also applies the effect of the Glove Enchant Round.
  • New Enchant Armor (not the shop): a general effect as the other skills - maybe a defensive one. Also applies the effect of the Armor Enchant Round.
  • Over-Reinforce: also applies the effect of the Weapon Enchant Round.
  • Enchant Armor: change name to Enchant Shop or something like that
  • Enchant Earth: move to Rune Caster (or a possible new class with earth theme)
  • Enchant Lightning: move to Taoist
  • Lightning Hands: removed

It could use an extra skill. Maybe a DPS one, where it throws an Enchant Round on the ground or towards the enemy?

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