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Voting poll is open again

vote while you still can :stuck_out_tongue:

flagged to death again. that didnt last very long. They should make all posts from staff to be un flaggable.

omg seriously they should not only ban these flaggers from the forums but also IP ban them from the game. nothing good will come from letting those type of people play.

im willing to donate 100$ if they do this lol


They reap what they sow, I guess.

Wow… We got some real gifted members trying to undermine the whole discussion.

are you talking about imc reaping what they sow? i think people flagging the post is just an annoyance

It’s pretty obvious which choice is going to win anyway.

ok its open again lol, although im not sure if announcing this will help any if it closes every 3 minutes :s

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Still no time tables. Can’t vote if I’m going in blind.

Why flag this? Can you really go against a 10 buck EA?

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Give em inch they’ll take a mile. That’s what’s been allowed to happen because IMC actually listened to feedback, we as a community have almost destroyed this game in the past few days lol.

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Such a waste of flags. And I’m sitting here waiting to get new flags to do… eh. stuff.

Well, expect them to date the start into the next weeks. I don’t believe they’d keeping their expensively rented servers keeping idle for too long (next to other reasons)

Well I was initially against the original founder’s pack, but I don’t find anything wrong with this one o_o.

Lol, read that as “you waiting to do flags …”

im usually against people who didnt agree about the founders pack.

at least you are willing to compromise. most people want it their way or no way

i salute you sir

20char sucks… i loled @ this

What should I say, there is a lot of bullshit going on these days xD

Alot of this has put a sour taste in my mouth… with the community. I think IMC handled things pretty well, but the knee jerk response that a lot (not all though) of players had just made me settle more into the idea of wanting to stay on a legacy server or still hoping they offer a premium server at some point.

Not everyone was rude about their dislike of the original package set up. There were some individuals who were upset but made very valid, if passionate, points. I totally respect that, and generally can see where they are coming from even if I don’t agree with them personally.

But flagging moderator posts just because a person doesn’t like it? Harassing and mocking players that have a different take on things? Spamming the forum with obscene imagery (which I’ve seen in a couple of threads now since noon)… nevermind the people who are messing with the voting system on steam before anything has even been finalized or who are raising their pitchforks on the forums with no reasoning at all behind the hate.

This kind of immature response kills the community. If I was a player who’d just come to look and see what all the fuss is about? It wouldn’t matter how good the game was, I wouldn’t play. Who wants to deal with this? I feel sorry for the mods. :confused: This is ridiculous.


i agree 10000% with this.


Actually system banned that topic because of old flags. Like it did autocheck and there were flags => autoban. Reopening topic won’t remove flags.

But it seems they fixed it.