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[Vote] What kind of hairstyle & hair accessories would you like see in the future!


Greetings Saviors,

[:ribbon:The hair topic] :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
It’s about time to open our voting thread to find the most popular hairstyle & hair accessories!

What kind of hairstyles would you like to have in TOS?

Vote now and post your most favorite hairstyle & hair accessories.

We will keep the voting up for a while and when it is time to make the decision of which hairstyle we will further develop first, we will make that choice based on your actions. :dark_sunglasses::camera_flash:



A wizard hat would be amazing!


Imc plz give us our wizard hat


CompanionOrsha BM
That hood. (and the hair underneath)
About to log in to add more stuff in.


Already got the hair bow so a Wizard Hat would be pretty cool!


BALD HEAD like “The Rock”.


this one please.
it comes with a free ribbon :joy:

this. I imagine this hair would look good on my clerics

this one is also nice


Not sure if it count as hair accessory but what about lower head (mouth/nose) accessories? Mouth masks, cheek stickers, fangs/tusks, dry weat, carrot nose, etc.


+1 vote for Wizard Hat and her clothes
and Lucid Winterspoon’s hair is looks good too!


If it has to be from the game:

If not, I would love some one sided fluffy braid as this one:

or something as girly as this one:

Or something like a fox: rawr


Master’s hairstyles and new story characters costumes!! :satisfaction:


Give monks some love.


I would KILL to get that white hair.


Please stop catering to hungry loli-eaters only!

We need muscles. Lots of muscles.

Edit 2:

I forgot to suggest an accessory. We definitely lack anything resembling a traditional, pointed wizard hat. So many failed Gandalf cosplays.


I’d like a second slot accessory that’s a large pair of headphones, so I can be one step closer to our crown prince on my taoist.


More glasses in general (sunglasses please ?)

More dolls (popo dolls variants ? Other mobs ?)

More horns ( like these for example )

More ears (similar to )

Wizard hat (with so many mages in the game, even NPCs, why is there no wizard hat ?)

Something similar to this ? (“Boy’s Cap” from Ragnarok Online, would look great on Bullet Marker imo)


The thing that already in game, but never came out
The Officer Helmet



'Nuff said


I always wanted to have a character with this hairstyle <3


Not sure if it would be better as a hairstyle or helmet slot or hat slot, but I’d love to have an opnion to wear hoodies on my costumes like Paladin master. I just thing those would be great with some costumes.