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Vienibe Shelter CM7 Solo with Thunder Ark [Caster Wizard]

Vienibe Shelter CM7 Solo with Thunder Ark [Caster Wizard]

Vienibe Shelter CM7 Solo run with Thunder Ark as a caster wizard archetype (Pyroeletao)

Use of skill scrolls are very useful as well, and are one of the ways in which to make full use of this class build for cming. I also made use of some prebuffs from some helpful guildies on the way in which are priest and also appraiser/thaum buffs. Though it is easily doable without them.
In the previous solo cm7 vid 2 months ago, i also used the same buffs, so this is a good indicator of time difference for mob clear and boss clear with thunder ark and also lvl 20 arts.

Generally Eradication arts is pretty bad unless its in a pvp scenario. However, with the addition of the Thunder Ark; it becomes a very good way to proc thunderbolts very quickly on multiple targets.

Thunder Ark gets benefits from tri-disaster/stormcall/lightning charm so its a very strong item for Pyroeletao. This is because the build has so many types of multihits and also DoTs/Lasting damage.

I did not expect a mutant boss at the end and was switching cards to fit against all bosses, so i wasted some time there and wasnt thinking correctly, since the boss was actually a mutant already.

Magburk is a very tanky fire attributed boss so this build actually does reduced damage to it, however it seems that it was still killed fast enough.


Wow amazing, clearing it already and very quick at it…

Side note, would you mind telling me which addon is that on the bottom right of your screen? The one with like extra slots? Tia

Subquickslot addon


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Would you still pick Thunder over Storm any time of the day even if Storm gets buffed?

Yes because thunder is still better for bossing - I have no issues for aoe damage; so getting storm is sort of wasted

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