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Vga vga vga vga vga vga vga vga vga vga 20 /char

  • i don’t play with any addon since a year
  • i play with the lowest graphics mod, everything turned off
  • i don’t play with any costumes
  • i have i5 (not laptop) AMD rx 470 sapphire

i crash everywhere randomly, most of the time when a guy enter in my screen (so i didn’t finish any feud since 2 weeks)

and i don’t speak about the huge desync we all have when a lancer enter our screen

i just play your game as it is, and i rly tried to go over the massive amount of issues, i found the solution: uninstalled

imc, is there still somebody on your boat?

Hello Passidur,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We kindly advise you to send a support ticket regarding this for further assist.

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