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VGA Cannoneer Thread

I’ve been trying to gather information about this error for a long time, but after all that time I couldn’t find what exactly is causing this, so I decided to post here for IMC to look this issue and for players to contribute with videos, screenshots or other useful information to help fix this. It’s already happening for a long time and affecting many players everyday, the cannoneer is also affected.

After discussing with some players we came to a conclusion that this occurs more often with the Quarrel Shotter build and maybe is something related to the Auto-Swap.

Let’s keep this thread alive until IMC fix it, so everytime you get VGA because of some cannoneer, post the printscreen here.

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There is some screenshots I have being VGA’ed by Cannoneers

I also have some prints like this… A LOT of prints actually

I’ve also got VGA’d when attacking cannoneers, unfortunately I dont have screenshots or videos :frowning:

just dont play archer.

not sure about cannoneers but my wugushi can crash whole party when bugs popup

Cannon so strong it blows up your game client.

I’ve been playing with the Quarrel Shotter-Cannoneer-Piper build for the past 2 months and recently I was being VGA’d a lot by myself, last week I stopped using the Cannon Shot skill and tried to stay away from others cannoneers, didn’t get VGA’d in Gemstone neither Sulivinas Lair since then.

My English is rusty, sorry if there’s any misunderstanding :x

Which server do you play?

I don’t think this is excusively Cannon Shot, because I have seen sweeping cannon causing this, well at least disconecting me. I’ve talked to some cannoneers and the only thing they were using similar was the auto-swap because of the Quarrel Shooter build.
Also I think even without autoswap there is a small chance to get vga’d since I’ve been vga’d by other cannoneer that doesn’t use QS or auto-swap.

I’m playing on Silute…
Maybe it isn’t only Cannon Shot that’s causing the VGA issue, but I’m not getting VGA’d in a regular basis anymore and my gaming experience improved a lot since I stopped using it.

i’m 100% sure people already know what is causing this vga error, because some players in Silute abuse this auto swap to crash people in TBL and gemstone… its a shame they don’t report the error to imc instead…

The cannoner is also VGA’d when this error happens, so it’s absurd that someone really believes that cannoners do it on purpose

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