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Vakarine Package Content

Can’t find any information on the website about the Vakarine Package, so I’ll list down what the game says!

Vakarine Package

Will receive 1 item per day when you login for up to 28 days. Costs 49 TP.


Attendance Reward


Day 1: Token: 15 Days [Vakarine] and x8 EXP Tome
Day 2-7: EXP Tome, Instanced Dungeon Reset Voucher, 10 TP [Event]
Day 8: Godess’ Blessed Cube and Enchant Scroll (14 Days)
Day 9-13: EXP Tome, Instanced Dungeon Reset Voucher, 10 TP [Event]
Day 14: Dionys Armband, EXP Tome, Instanced Dungeon Reset Voucher, and 10 TP [Event]

All Rewards from the Package

15 Days [Vakarine] Token
x8 EXP Tome
EXP Tome x 12
Instanced Dungeon Reset Voucher x 12
120 TP
Goddess’ Blessed Cube
Enchant Scroll (14 Days)
Dionys Armband

The Dionys Armband looks like this:


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49 TP to get 120 TP? Seems like a good deal.

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Anyone know how the TP[Event] work?

it’s similar to the TP you buy from Steam

We have confirmation of its existence now.


The TP [Event] is a consumable item. You right-click it to get 10 Premium TP.



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already try them, thank you

I’m not into p2w and I’m talking in perspective of company who try raking more money from players, not as players

Kudos to anyone who come up to implement this

This is nothing original in any other game especially mobiles, battle pass sort of thing, pay less gain more in time based
The dude with this idea might keen into mobile micro transactions scheme
I won’t be surprised if this idea stem from tos mobile progress and they make it arrive into pc as well

But the thing is they need to check how people sees the items provided
Most people like already mentioned above would care with the tp, gbc, armband and prob lastly 15 days token
While the rest of the items can be pretty much useless for many especially those who choose to focus one character per account or those with characters that already at max
Additionally level feels like a joke in this game with free jump and everything
Entering dungeon gives no interesting reward as well
If they actually change or improve the meaning of these items or in game feature relate to this item
It will break the second thought for those p2w or prospect p2w to actually buy this package
Even better change this with something actually more useful instead of just act like fodder
It doesn’t have to be that fancy, core items or anything, just something more useful than the infamous exp tomes

And probably next to it the value of the core bait which is 120 tp, what can you do with 120 tp, is there many interesting options interesting to spend it, Gambling is interesting for some but idk some people into login faithfully 30 days to get more tp just spend it it gambling and getting junks
It’s end up not worthed
There has to be more valuable option, even limited, even when players had to do another top up to reach that required tp amount

Idk why I still give you free ideas despite you don’t care and I’m not that excited to play again but here you go I guess

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