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Vaivora weapons's description

the dev really put up a lot effort for this vaivora set, especially the description. There is some chronological story if you read them all. Some of the interesting ones were:

pike: the first vaivora

2h sword: 4th wall breaking

rod: we got the fake product

rapier: becoming one of the most expensive vaivora weapon in ktos, matching its description

shield: tragic story behind it

bow: last part of the story


20 charrrrr

i’m six zeroes digit short…

Interesting share


rip tax

popolul3 (5)

i think vaivora drop is not as nightmarish as rumored in ktos (rumor:5 weapon drop a month), every day i saw at least 1-2 people get it.

afaik, at telsiai already dropped:
-2h sword

and this is just the 6th day since EP 12 started. Hope this pace last long enough to normalize the price.

SEA is CM slave/spammer

there is also a rapier,bow as well

2 items a day so far

Do you mean you got two items a day or you’ve seen two items? And if the former, how much time did it take?

it means we at telsiai seeing that vaivora weapon drop announcement averaging at 2 drop/day. Everytime someone got a vaivora, the system will shout it worldwide, who got it ,got what weapon, and in which map.

There is no fixed time.

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Thanks! :smiley: /10chars

someone also got the Cannon

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