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Vaivora Vision Extraction bug

Bugged as aways, if you remove your vaivora lvl 4 and overwrite into a previous writen vaivora lvl 1, you will LOSE this now lvl 4 vvr if you try to come back to your previous vvr lvl 4.

I have a mass heal freeze lvl 4 and wanted to try the new miko vvr and sadhu’s reworked one, so i extracted my vvr lvl4 and aplied into my previous vvr from sadhu, it apears a red message saying that this vaivora has some progression, if you wanted to continue, i clicked yes and then i tried my sadhu, had a blast, now is miko time, right? changed my lvl1 echo into a miko vvr and then changed the sadhu lvl4 into the miko to try it out, didnt liked, now lets go back to priest, right? so i returned into my boring priest life and boom, 2 vaivoras missing! why? because i overwriten then with the lvl4 and then they disapeared cause i extracted the lvl 4 from them, happening to permantly extracting the previous lvl 1 vaivoras that i had from my store, this was the progression the red message talks about

sorry about grammar i’m a lil sleepy

TLDR: Careful trying new vaivoras with those vouchers, overwriting a lvl4 into a lvl1 WILL cause you to lose this lvl 1 vvr!!

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thats not a bug thou, its just how it works. the warning prompt literally says it…

for anyone who want to do same thing, we should extract both of the lv1 and the lv4 so u will have 2 vaivora voucher with different level. never overwrite…
it’s actually very good we can freely move any lv1 vaivora we never use to other ones we never have.

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I don’t get this… If you use Goddess storage, you can freely register and upgrade your Vaivoras then simply replace the ichor on your equips.

It isnt a bug, you probably were trying things out in haste… overwrite basically means it will take over the lv1 that you have and I encountered it too… to avoid this I simply took out that level 1, that’s it.

Most importantly you shouldn’t extract while sleepy lol

This bug happened to me too during my tests and now I’ve lost my vaivora.

@claudio in your case you have to use the lv4 ticket to get fire bolt again. You can’t equip visions you didn’t unlock.

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