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Vaivora Staff - Stone Slinger (adjustment)

With the appearance of new content with mobs with high Critical Resistance, Terramancer went from being one of the strongest classes to being one of the weakest, in addition to that his Vaivora is the only one that has a chance of activation of this type (if it fails it’s like not having a vaivora equipped).
As a main terramancer I can say that the class still has potential, only the vaivora feels very weak currently. I suggest the following options:

  1. Remove Critical Trigger (100% chance of activate Stone Shower).
  2. Keep the activation by Critical Hit, but significantly increase the activation percentage when not hitting critical (+ 50%).

Another option which can completely change the class would be the following:
When the Stone Shower ability is activated by using Sand Blast, it is considered as “Casting Skill”.