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Vaivora: Sacred Armor

Bug Description :
Sacred Armor just buff first attack from Auto Atk? Doesn’t it buff Aspergillum too? what is the calcule? It wasn’t to be each 100 Add. DMG to +1%?

because this weapon is a joke!
I have 21.210 Add. DMG, and this buff give me something like about 15% or less, Enchant Fire add dmg and Blessing doesn’t work with add. dmg bonus?

serius IMC, if you don’t want that the people don’t play with chaplain, just delete this class, it’s easy.

this vaivora sacred armor is the big joke, look like april fool!

Vaivora Renovate Trigger don’t have any calcule with Add. DMG and this weapon give a bonus of 200% and +40% atk speed.

it’s pathetic.

Nut description
Skill bugged
Tickets with Automatic answer

each day have less will to play

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I don’t have the mace so I’m only tellling you from my experiences…

Afaik yes. Aspergillum is not your basic attack. There are some skills that changes your basic attack but Aspergillum is not that. I guess ppl don’t get that. Aspergillum is more like an autocasting thing on your basic attacks.

It should be I think.

Yeah it rly doesn’t seem good enough tbh…

Anyway my only question is if you are a Monk with DP or not…? Because if you are and your DP hits like 1000% damage than you should know it most likely just adds to it making it about 1210%.

…but anyway if you are not a monk then I have no idea…

Yes, I have monk, and the attribute from DP is maximized, so is it a somatary? DP (1018%) + vaivora sacred armor (212%) total: 1230% if yes, this weapon is completely useless!! D:
I feel me a sucker for the buy this trash, thank you IMC for nothing!

Yes most likely this is the case I think. You can ask around more tho just to be sure.

As a non monk chaplain I’m not 100% against it because it would make Monk more mandantory on chaplain if it would multiply DP damage. Like if you could reach that 1000%…that would make a 10000% DP while with a normal basic attack it still would be just 1000%… but the mace still should be better…

I think one of the problem is this weird calculation that you can’t reach the +1000%… and even if you try to get as close as you can you lose so so much other source of damage that it is rly questionable if it is worth it at all…

Blessings added damage is not the same as normal added damage, so it doesn’t work with the mace. Enchant Fire’s added damage should be working with the mace. Basically whatever added damage that is reflected in your stat screen, is the added damage used for the formula.

Doing the math, the amount the mace is buffing your basic attack is by 212.1%.

This is not the case. I took time to ask many people and find korean posts on the weapon. What I found out is this:

  1. Let’s say you have 100,000 Additional Damage, and the normal attack damage you deal is 20,000.
  2. The 1% of your Additional Damage is 1000 , which represents the percentage by which your normal attack damage is increased, so the normal attack damage you deal will be 20,000 x 1000 % = 200,000.
  3. In other words, to make the best use of this weapon, you need 100,000 Additional Damage to hit the 1000% cap.

Basically every 1000 points of additional damage increases your basic attack damage by 1%.
It’s perfectly feasible to use it with just Chaplain, however it shines more with Monk Double Punch.

Yeah… Doing the math with perfect stats, group to buff added damage, etc, the most I can see a Chaplain getting added damage would be around 72,000. Which is great, but unrealistic. I see no real scenario where this cap is reachable as of currently. Realistically, I believe they are future proofing the weapon for later on.

Btw if you are on the Klai server and don’t want it anymore, I’ll take it or buy it from you.

We were talking about how the % damage from vaivora is added to the skill factor of Double Punch rather than multiplying it.

+100% basic attack damage from Vaivora won’t make DP with 1000% skill factor hit 2000% that would be insane because that would also mean maxing it out DP could hit 10000%… that’s not realistic in any way.

I don’t see how what you said contradicts it. :smiley: His 20k additional damage is +200% from Vaivora.

Oh I see… but 1% of 20k additional damage is 200… :smiley: so it should be 212% in his case. How did you do the math to reach 21%?

No your right I messed up my math. It would be 212.1% increased damage
I’ll edit that

It should work similar to a % damage buff. So bringing up skill factor is pointless. Notice that I said:

I didn’t say anything about it skill factor. I said the “damage” you deal is 20,000. You could have 140% skill factor, and still hit 20,000.
As for seeming unrealistic… We have many classes doing more % skill factor damage than what you stated DP would do, Blossom Blader is easily one example of that. So “unrealistic”, is already realistic.

I think you keep misunderstanding me. The question wasn’t rly how Vaivora mace works. We used the same calculations before you told us about it. The question is if it is bugged and/or its relationship with DP.
I (not you) was talking about skill factor beacuse DPs skill factor is not neglectable when the op uses it and doesn’t understand why he doesn’t make as much damage as he expected.

If I’m right and the 212% is just added to his 1000% DP making it 1212%… it is not much of an increase in damage and would explain why he doesn’t make as much damage as he thought he will. But I’m not stating for sure I’m right because idk for sure…

I still think it’s not the case. I think it is a basic attack modifier that is added to other basic attack modifiers if there is (DPs skill factor in this case)


I hope you don’t mind I tagged you but I saw you talking about Wind ark/Vaivora mace lately so you maybe know more. Am I wrong that if you use Vaivora mace with Double Punch its damage boost would be just added to DP’s skill factor? Also would be interested in wind ark if it is in the same way while we are at it.
IF you know anything haha…

No worries, I don’t mind the tag, I rarely read forums unless friends link me over anyways :joy:.

I’ve actually been meme-ing, uh I mean playing around with auto-attack Clerics recently, and from what I’ve tried in kTest, yeah the damage is simply added on to Double Punch, not taken into calculations for skill factor things like Double Punch and Aspergillum. Likewise with Wind Ark, the basic attack boost from Wind Ark isn’t taken into calculations as well.