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Vaivora Fragment

Imc, to reduce the salty level of party, please make vaivora fragment,

let say in a party get vaivora, the other 4 player just can say grats with salty inside, please give fragment for that 4player,

for example 5 fragment vaivora (team storage only) can obtain random vaivora, that would be great,

@STAFF_William @STAFF_Yuri @Staff_Jin


I guide others to a treasure i cannot possesed :grimacing:

Good suggestion.
When your pt member got NecrosIs and you got trash VVR…

+1 to this, coming from someone who’s never had a VVR drop in his whole TOS life, but have been with dozens of party members that got it.

bring 4 alts to CM,
carry all 4 alts,
if by some chance a vaivora drops then it’s all yours for the taking

but thats against the tos, might banned

anyway if we want a serious talk about this then… its not meant to reduce the level of saltiness of the rest of the party

its for balancing the demand for lv 4 vvr crafting

or what, do you guys prefer buying 7 necrosis in the black market instead?

but nah they wont listen to us, good talk tho

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Or simply do solo CM with your assists. No idea how’s the chance of vv drop in there compared to party CM though…

how about vaivora fragment for everyone in the server cause technically the salts is thrown accross the server. also thats more purpose for afk popo, when i leave hours get back and boom i got 1 vv. ez


Is because people with mindset like you that we never get nice thing.
Can’t even stand up for your own right like some other MMO community like POE/ GW2.

yeah everything is my fault
not krtos community fault, not imc incompetence fault,my fault
for laughing over this silly idea oops

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apparently salt can get you stinky brain fart

So you think its fair player A get vaivora a lot and other player just see when the time comes to get vaivora??
My idea want make rng more reasonable win solution
“grats you got vvr so my vvr fragment add 1, not realy bad”
The silly idea is everyone get vvr fragment once drop, what a silly idea