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Vaivora Enchant Scroll exchanging to Vaivora Vision Selection Box

I suggest to change this please.

for a Vaivora vision selection box as well.
I suggested some players to buy 2021 vaivora select boxes (and bought for myself too), promised them they would get a Vaivora vision select box because in Korea they have had.
I bought several 2021 boxes because I knew in advance that I would get the Vaivora Vision selection box.
here is some proof : [[트호] 트오세 가디스.. 7.8 - YouTube]

and so I was able to try other classes and builds with these packages, until the Goddess patch came along.

I just asked him and got confirmation of it , he got a vaivora vision selection boxes because its was irl paid items.

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Dude, I suggest you to check your grammar, I dont know what you even talked about. For unused TP vaibora scrolls, they will be switched into boxes at Aug. 24th for sure.

He is mentioning about the already applied to the weapon ones.

Excuse me , English is only my 3rd languages,so i am sorry for my grammar if you want correct me you are welcome to help me.

The OP asked for something simple, you could’ve simply asked what he exactly meant, in case you really wanted to know. Whether you understood his English or not isn’t related to the original suggestion.

I suggest you to check your grammar

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The original Korean notes said the same thing, but it ended up working in Korea as you described. IMC simply translates the Korean notes to English, so it says the same thing for us.

I believe this mostly just boils down to unclear wording on the Korean side, but if it worked that way in KR, it almost certainly will here too.

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grammar ■■■■ is so outdated lul…

Hmmm, will it? XDDD some stuff/event never came to itos before …

Can we have some answer please ? Its is the last day for purchasing summer packages

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