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Vaivora drop for new solo CM with assister

At what stage is it confirmed to drop vaivora in new assister CM?
Elite mobs appear in stage 2 or 3 but not sure if it has chance.

Might have missed this, thanks a lot emoticon_0041

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False … you get nuclei in 5 man team stage 7 = 1.4k or more but in Solo CM you get 500 … and I doubt VVR will drop from solo run …

Are you sure you compare stage 7 solo and party? I’ve only done stage 5 solo on PoD and I get 500 nucle so I would imagine you get much more on stage 7.
Something to consider also… do we know if we get more chances of dropping VV at stage 7 compared to stage 5?

5 member boost the loot chance so can’t compare nucle. I think it supposed to be solo cm 90% of party cm if you clear alone. Seems pretty consistent cos I cm both mode alone a lot.

And I got vvr from each mode doing alone so no need doubt anymore.

Considering Vaivora even drops in open world (just did today, I saw it drop), I don’t think it’s too unlikely that it can also drop in Solo CM mode if IMC says so.

Yes, I was farming the Assister Albums to try my luck on Legendary Pokemon Cards, the nuclei isn’t much.

What??? how?? … Rng loves you too much XDD