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Vaivora craft system

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I want to propose to create a system to make players able to craft vaivora weapons.

Make a way to craft a kind of item would define the price from that kind of item by a cost similar to the cost of the materials needed to craft it. Make a way to craft vaivoras could stabilice the economy and prices from it.

The recipes could be obtained from “Wings of Vaivora” NPCs by 45 vaivora coins (1 per month if you decide to use all the vaivora coins obtained from a month on it)(for example)

This recipes could consist on use the recipe plus Thierrynium (1 Thierrynium in the case of “non-class” vaivora weapons and 2 Thierrynium in the case of “class” vaivora weapons)(for example)

I hope you like the idea!! :satisfaction:

Cheers :haha:


Hello @rgdlfgame,

Thank you for the wonderful suggestion. We are glad you’re enjoying the game. We’ll make sure to let your voice reach our development team.

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Moral of story: The more suggestions you print out, the more likely they are to notice youbakarine_emotion03
Most of the suggestions are nice though.