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Urgent question about Server Transfer (IMC answer or players will kill you xD)

  1. will be transfered my remaining days of Token? / TP???
    2)what happen if a team with same name already exist in the server i will transfer?
    3)what doses it mean we can’t play during the period of transfer? (you will annunce when, or from moment we send request we can’t play?)
  2. server population: you will do somthing to keep it fair? i mean im really scared tranfer to Fedimian and found almost empty market with high prices for low number of players.
    5)what tha ************************************* does it mean:
    I accept that I will not be able to make an objection to the service
    after the Server Transfer has occurred if the data warranted by the
    guarantee has not been corrupted or tampered with in any way.???
  1. Yes
  2. Impossible team names are unique across all servers
  3. You can’t play from when they start the transfer process in about a weeks time
  4. If there’s queues there’s queues all they can do is increase the channel limit
  5. If the server transfer goes through and everything is exactly the same as you left it you won’t be able to object against it.
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Well if you have a Sword Art Online (Or any anime.) related name there is a probably a higher possibility of it already being taken. If not, you probably don’t have to worry too much unless there’s someone out there that thinks the same exact way you do.

are you sure, that the remaining time of the token will be transferred as well?

Yes it will be transferred I have 4 months on there so wouldn’t be happy if it didn’t, there’s no reason it wouldn’t though as it’s attached to your team name.

I seem to recall that IMC staff said that team names are UNIQUE on every server… meaning if someone has “Natsu” as a team name on Klaipeda… it’s impossible for another “Natsu” team to exist on Fedimian,

As i said seem to recall the staff said this… might want to inquire more.

thanks for info guys, really i have chek other topic but when open the post no info about my questions, also i’ve read the Topic on forum but or my english is very bad and i dont understand as i tought because i can’t find out how can you know Boltonsqua know all those things >.> i have also opened in the past days some topic about transfer question and writed my disappointment of the past situation (no lodge skin transfer with team, no token days too) i was really happy to read that IMC read all players opinion and change their plans.

but now i have see the Topic proving the abuse of hacks and im thinking to quit right now if not a wipe or they post us the proof that all 100% cheaters / bug abusers have been banned for ever and also all they second accounts too.

You’re doing it wrong. It doesn’t work in quotes.

now should be ok