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Uphill is BORING

Uphill makes me sleep. It’s so BORING. If it didn’t churn out medals, I wouldn’t be doing it weekly. Can we turn this into something more interesting? Maybe add some pvp elements to it, to keep people awake.

For me this is enough.


Just make it faster. Remove Stage 1-5


considering all the upcoming gear and stuff that increases damage in Dimensional collapse and Uphill. I expect an uphill rework soon

It’s boring for geared people. I didn’t say make it harder. I said, I wanted to enjoy it. If it had some pvp elements, I’d dig it. That Halloween event was a good one, people hit you and you drop coins and they can steal your candy and there was no gear needed. Feud is fun. It’s a shame it doesn’t give out the same rewards as uphill, but I like it because it’s not some boring content where you sit on one spot killing approaching monsters for 20mins.

Uphill multiply token is incoming. The sooner the best.

posts like these results to things like Lepidoptera Junction: Legend (Hard)

I want new pvp content. :nerd_face:

Personally i think what it needs is somekind of way to “skip” stages.

You know this is kinda a tower defense game and in tower defense games mostly there is a button to send the next wave before it automatically would come.

So something like that would be much needed but we have to calculate in lag unfortunately so releasing more waves at once wouldn’t be necessarily good.

So maybe it should be something that stronger monsters come if you skip stages…

The idea of a high stat check content isn’t bad, but it should be done as a convenience option, like an exclusive multiply token to a minimum share of the playerbase.

PvP? hahahahahhahaha. NO

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