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Uphill defense (i'm newbie)

Hi, i’m new in this game. I’m trying to understand the gem system, and how to level them up. I read about doing uphill defense so i can buy gem abrasive. When i go to the Sister Lhasa npc i cant click in the auto-match buttom, i can only select the solo option. How do i solve this? do i need to go with a already formed party?

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Yes, either go solo (if you’re well geared) or with a pre-made party only. It’s kinda like a tower defense mode, but the “towers” are the players.

More info on Uphill:
Gem system:

Just keep in mind these guides can be outdated but still give a basic understanding of the event. There have been recent changes to Uphill that makes it more simple and challenging.


i would not buy gem abrasives with uphill points If i were you, there are better items to spend your points, you could use gears that you get from challenge mode or Monster materials to upgrade the gem, like Magic grade gears…i don’t even identify them, Just put It in the gems, it’s fast to level , 4.800 gem exp every 12 lv 400 gears.

What is the point in doing uphill defense,like what are the best rewards that makes people do them?

Most people do for the gem abrasives, if you want gem over level 7 that is.

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