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Upgrading with normal anvils my Velcoffer Rod



rip sweet rod :tired:

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One minute of silence.

This also happens to me a lot. Sincere condolences :frowning:

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Pressing F for 20 seconds.


The 1st cube is not 100% a fragment.
While some players were lucky enough to have 36 fragments already, I’m at 21/27 this week because of very bad rng. Even the next week, unless I get x1 fragment on all 6 cubes I won’t still have the weapon (1 hand).

We saw advices such as don’t re open cubes because you’ll get eventually what you want, in their mindset it was only 27 weeks, but what they didn’t know it’s not a sure 1 fragment either, it’s even possible that it would take 54 weeks.
Even in the best case it still requires 5 weeks up to 24 weeks and more assuming only one char in your account farms the raid.
This is why we reached a situation that normal anviling isn’t a good idea for this item, especially if we need entire set and not crafting multiple weapons at the “same” time.
There is also the possiblity that even full diamond anvils won’t let you reach +16.

thats how You recognize game is terrible, when using “normal anvils” instead of diamond ones from P2W cubes is such a hardcore…

On a positive note, that rod has still 3 pot for socketing :slight_smile:
Just find someone that is willing to buy it :wink:
Golden anvils and it’s gonna be in good shape :wink:

Or does ichoring and "partis"ing also consume potential?

It’s fine. The rod is +12 now, I’ll go further when I recover from all the silver lost from re-opening the cubes.

On a side note, it has more damage at t5 +12 than my t10 +16 mace.

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I usually take a 1 day break when i get 2 fails from 8+ enhacement
Usually 1 fail, then try to recover and get +1 more, usually get another fail and then end up with 2+ enhacement levels from my initial one
Managed to get to +14 and +13 on some Primuses with enough potential for the sockets and some more enhacements :satisfaction:

About 20+ 30+ 40+, that’s bullshit cheating and i can’t believe any bs i read from people who says “i did it fair and square, no cheats yo” :poop:

LOL this is why the Enhancement formula/script/code of this game is terrible.