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Updated Leveling Guide (Version 4.0)

This is an updated leveling guide (EP 12) since there are a ton of new/returning players getting into the game. Keep in mind that there are multiple ways to level now but this is a guide on how to level quickly for new players.

As a reminder, remember to grab your new player or returning player packages off the event board and if there is any exp buff events going on, you can go get those too. Also keep in mind that you can change channels, so if you find that there are too many people in your channel map, then you can opt to change channels to a less populated one.

If you manage to play with friends or find people to party up with around your level ranges, the leveling process will become much more fun and less tedious. On a whole, leveling is super easy compared to the past now and its not a difficult process to level up.

You should be trying to explore 100% of the map to get exp cards from the [Wings of Vivora] NPC at the maps you are doing quests or leveling in.

Feel free to use exp cards whenever you want to. A good way to use them would be if you are missing a few levels from the next bracket range.

It is very recommended to join an active guild as it makes the entire leveling process and gameplay much more enjoyable and social.

For experimental purposes, i have decided to also add a basic progression guide for what equipment you should be aiming for within each level bracket range. Feel free to let me know if you think this is something i should continue to include or if i should remove it from the current/future iterations.

Updated Leveling Guide

Lvl 1 ~ 50: Start off by going straight to Klaipeda town and speaking with the event notice board to pick up your new/returning player bonus package. Then return and complete all the main(yellow/gold) quests from West Siauliai Woods all the way to East Siauliai Woods. You can then complete the main quest chains from Miner’s Village > Crystal Mines > Strautas Gorge > Gele Plateau > Nefritas Cliff > Tenet Garden. Once you have enough silver to get Blessing and Sacrament buffs from pardoners in Klaipeda town(usually about 1600 silver is enough), you will want to get the buffs whenever you want to level. Make sure you refresh your buffs if they run out by purchasing them again in town. Once you arrive at Tenet Garden you can kill the mobs above the goddess statue there, they are plentiful and have fast respawn times. You will also need to go inside Tenet Church B1 and complete the entire main questline there until Tenet Church 2f in order to acquire the Seal of Space quest item. As a side note; when you reach lvl 40, go to the [Wings of Vivora] NPC in Klaipeda Town to receive the Kedora Merchant Alliance Support Selection Boxes. These Gear boxes contain lvl 40 gear for you to use until a higher level.

Gear Progression for Lvl 1 ~ 50: You should be using basic drops/equipment until you can get the lvl 40 Kedora gear from the [Wings of Vivora] NPC, there is no need to fret too much about equipment for these early levels.

Lvl 50 ~ 100: Once you are lvl 50, you will be able to attempt the lvl 50 leveling dungeon in Klaipeda town, be sure to use your megaphones brought from the TP store using free daily tp to shout for people to queue up for it or join a guild so that it is easier to find parties. You can also solo the dungeon by making an empty party and selecting the enter now option at the dungeon npc. After you complete your lvl 50 dungeon runs up to the daily limit cap, proceed to complete the main quest chain at Veja Ravine, Vieta Gorge, Cobalt Forest, Septyini Glen. At the end of the Septyini Glen quest chain, Goddess Saule will warp you to Rukas Plateau. You can speak with [Historian Rexipher] there to start another main quest chain to do, which will take you all the way to King’s Plateau, Zachariel Crossroads and Royal Mausoleum 1f - 5f. Similar to the previous level bracket; when you reach lvl 75, go to the [Wings of Vivora] NPC in Klaipeda Town to receive the Kedora Merchant Alliance Support Selection Boxes.

Gear Progression for Lvl 50 ~ 100: You do not need to change equipment from the previous lvl 40 Kedora gear until you reach lvl 75 and obtain the lvl 75 Kedora Equipment from the [Wings of Vivora] NPC, you will be using that until the next set of Kedora items at lvl 120.

Lvl 100 ~ 220: Go to Fedimian and pick up the Goddess Gabija questline which takes you to Fedimian Suburbs. Following the quest line will bring you to Mage Tower1f-5f in which you will want to finish the main quest chain there. If you are under level 121 at this point, then feel free to go to Main Building and finish the main quest chains there leading to Sanctuary, or you can do the lvl 120 leveling dungeon in towns if the day has reset.
At level 121+, you can make your way to Aqueduct Bridge Area and start the main quest chain there. It will bring you into the Demon Prison maps in which you can follow the entire questchain until Demon Prison District 5. Once you have done so, you may choose to return to Demon Prison District 2 and kill the mobs there if you wish, since they are plentiful and respawn quickly. You will also want to try the Challenge Mode feature(lvl 100+) around maps of your level.
After you are finished with the Demon Prison maps, go to Dina Bee Farm and follow the main quest chain starting there until its completion at Spring Light Woods.
You should be aiming to be lvl 171+ at this point, if you need additional levels, remember to 100% explore the previous maps for exp cards redeemed at the [Wings of Vivora] NPC. When you are lvl 171+, go to Inner Enceinte Dristrict and start main quest line there from [Amanda Grave Robbers] Amanda. This quest chain will lead you all the way to Fortress Battlegrounds and you should be at least lvl 220+ at the end of it. As usual, remember to pick up the Kedora Merchant Alliance Support Selection Boxes for level 120 and 170 gear after reaching those levels.

Gear Progression for Lvl 100 ~ 220: Once you reach lvl 120, you can use the lvl 120 Kedora gear from the [Wings of Vivora] NPC until lvl 170. From lvl 170, you should be using the lvl 170 Kedora gear instead.

Lvl 220 ~ 310: Go to Elgos Monastery Annex and complete the main quest chain there that leads you to Elgos Monastery Main Building. After completing those two maps, go to Kalejimas Visiting Room and start to complete the main quests in that area. You can actually follow the entire quest route from Kalejimas Visiting Room > Storage > Solitary Cells > Workshop > Investigation Room, killing all the monsters you encounter on the way. Remember to keep up with your daily dungeon runs of the appropriate level(lvl 200 and 270) and Challenge mode entries. After you finish with the Kalejimas full quest line, you should be around level 260+ if you have used your EXP cards along with the Episode rewards.
Make your way to Khonot Forest and find [Kupole Medena] in order to start a main quest chain. This quest chain will bring you from Stalcite Tehvrin Cave 1f all the way to Stalcite Tehvrin Cave 5f. At the end of this tedious quest chain, you should be at lvl 310+.

Gear Progression for Lvl 220 ~ 310: Grab and Continue to use the lvl 220 Kedora gear from [Wings of Vivora] NPC until the next level bracket. From this level onwards, you should think about what type of cards you might like to use for your build and also start to level up any gems you might have obtained. Do not socket anything yet, just start to level the gems up by feeding it any useless gear/materials/fodder you find.

Lvl 310 ~ 350: Start off with speaking to [Neringa] at Nobeer Forest to initiate a main quest chain. It will lead you to Sausis Room 9 and continues onwards to conclude at Valandis Room 91. This quest chain should complete Episode 9 for you and you should be level 350+ at the end of it. Remember to pick up your new Kedora boxes for levels 315 and 350 when you can.

Gear Progression for Lvl 310 ~ 350: Equip the lvl 315 Kedora gear from [Wings of Vivora] NPC until you reach lvl 350, where you can use the lvl 350 Kedora gear instead. Continue to level up any gems that you might have and want to use later. Start to search for the cards you want, you can do this very easily if you join an active guild that does card album parties frequently. Any unidentified gear that you find can be dismantled into Nucle and Sierra Powders at each town’s respective blacksmith NPC.

Lvl 350 ~ 390: Move to Barynwell 85 Waters and complete the main quests there. This will initiate a main quest chain that brings you to Barynwell 86 Waters, Barynwell 87 Waters, Astral Tower 1F, Astral Tower 4F, Astral Tower 12F, Astral Tower 20F and Astral Tower 21F. Finish up those maps and then go and do the main quests at Outer Wall District 11, Inner Wall District 10, Outer Wall District 13, Outer Wall District 14 and Outer wall District 15. Once you are done with that, travel to Fedimian and speak with [Pajauta] for a main quest chain that ends with providing you lvl 380 Kedora gear and a Pajauta Card. Proceed onwards to Northern Parias Forest and speak with [Kupole Astra] to begin a new main quest chain, this one will lead onto Central Parias Forest and conclude at Southern Parias Forest. At the end of this, you should be lvl 393+. Remember to keep up with your daily challenge modes.

Gear Progression for Lvl 350 ~ 390: Once you have completed the Pajauta quest line, use the provided lvl 380 Kedora equipment. Pick up a Kaze Seal for your base class at the [Kupole Kaze] NPC in Vedas Plateau and also continue to level up your gems and cards. You will want to start to do the weekly free boss “Amiss Dog” at Irredian Shelter if you can, which will provide you with Blessed Shards, Magic Stones, Irredian Class Seals, Irredian Accessory Sets. Begin to do Weekly Uphill runs to get points for your Carnas uphill accessories. Keep any Planium you find and start to build up fully leveled Pamokas from this level bracket onwards. Think about what future fixed type ichors you might need from Unique Raids.

Lvl 390 ~ 450: Speak with [Neringa] at Orsha for a main quest chain that ends with providing you with lvl 400 Kedora gear boxes and a Neringa Card. After completing that quest chain, find [Kupole Maya] in Frienel Memorial to begin your Episode 12 quests. It will lead you to West Jungers Road, Vienibe Shelter, Tvirtumas Fortress, Skalda Outskirts, Rinksmas Ruins and ends at Path of Desition. You will also want to speak with [Receptionist Ramda] in Klaipeda town for the repeatable defeat x amount of monster quests for each of the new EP 12 maps. Once you are level 400+, you can also attempt the lvl 400 leveling dungeon in towns. At this point in the game, you should be doing daily dungeons, daily challenge modes, field grinding in EP12 maps or in Outer Wall Sewers to supplement your leveling process until you reach the lvl 450 cap. If you not able to see the quests at some of the EP12 maps, it means your level is too low and you will want to grind exp until you are able to do so. The game provides you with many free exp boosting items, so it is good to take advantage of that when you are grinding or doing challenge modes.

Gear Progression for Lvl 390 ~ 450: Once you have completed the Creeping Darkness quest line from the [Neringa] NPC in Orsha, use the provided lvl 400 Kedora equipment until you have enough Planiums to make Savinose equipment from the [Blacksmith Teliavelis] NPC in Fedimian town. Continue to do your weekly free bosses and uphill runs along with leveling up your gems and cards. Consider attempting Unique Raids in which you need specific item ichors of, remember to shout for parties or get help within your guilds for carry runs. After obtaining Savinose gear, you can begin to enhance(anvil) them between +6 and +11 whilst also transcending them up to a maximum of T8. Feel free to implement lvl 5 or 6 gems inside your Savinose gear, but remember to roast them first from an alchemist player shop in town.

Get your selected Ark from the EP12 quest line and equip it. Start to look towards completing your first set of fully leveled monster cards for each colour except the legend slot. Equip your Carnas Uphill accessories if you have them, or continue to do Uphill runs weekly until you can get them. Do your weekly free boss kills at Irredian Shelter or attempt Misrus at Outer Wall Sewers which can provide you with unique equipment recipes which you might want to craft for ichoring. Start to do the Legend Raid “Tomb of The White Crow” to start and build up materials to craft Skiaclipse Varna Equipment, this will be the base of your end game gear. Farm in the new EP12 maps for well rolled berthas or primus dysnai equipment to ichor and implant into your Varna gear. Enhance the Varna equipment to +11 and open its sockets. You can start to put in lvl 7 or higher gems into your Varna gear and also aim to transcend it to T10. Look to obtain a Boruta Seal for your base class as some of them add very strong effects. Add set effects to your gear by using Pamokas and other materials if its needed. If you need any Fixed ichors made from equipments in Unique Raids, then run the raids too. If you have reached up to this point in the game, congratulations; you will now be saving up resources as well as constantly min/maxing your characters in order to fine tune them!

Big thanks to Fenatte for helping math out the specifics and collaborate in this leveling guide!

As a side note: after you have reached the higher levels, you may wish to come back and do the previous episode quests or main quests in order to obtain useful extra stat points. There are also some hidden quests and hidden Zemyna statues that reward you with extra stat points. Remember to visit the [Magic Association] NPCs in town to recieve your level progression rewards at the higher levels in EP12, these rewards include 3 skill points you can distribute within your classes!


You, sir, deserve a medal for this!!

Thank you

/20 chars…

I always do just revelation main quest line quests and stat points quests only (so skipping demon prison, dine bee, tehvrin and elgos ones). It makes my alt to reach around 400+. But my team level xp bonus might effect leveling process…

Wow the dedication… +1000 on this.

This will help newbies alot.

Thank you so much! I’m a very new player, so this is extremely helpful - and thank you for adding what to do about the equipment!

Lvl 177 into 214 doing the main quest with exp card. I thought I would be 220+

I’m a returning player. The last time I played was far before rebuild, when the game is only few days old and the scandal about BOT appeared (iirc the high level player at that time was about 140++).

I’m truly grateful for this guide, as it shows me almost everything I need to do in order to at least finish the eps 10 and unlock those subquests.

HOW can i get the kedora items for lvl 120? can anyone explain to me? because there’s no one option at vaivora npc talking about this

The option should be there (receive Kedorian equipment). If not, then either you’re not level 120 or you already got the equipment before.

Thank you so much!!! I really needed this