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Update the website FAQ


Well, while we wait for maintenance, since I have nothing to do right now, I’ve decided to check the website FAQ. Not to my surprise (it happens everywhere), it’s super outdated.

I didn’t check the entire FAQ; IMC should check that section in order to update it. I know not many people read it, still can cause confusion to a new player.

Here are some screenshots I took. They are some examples. Some of them are minimal details.

(Companions doesn’t use a character slot anymore)

(Well…RIP Orsha)

(You can report this ingame now)

(The limit is way more than 400m; not sure about Rank 2)

(This doesn’t exist anymore?)

(Actually you can, you have to delete all your characters - or have a Team Level below 5? - so a ‘Delete Team’ button will show in the Lodge)

(The stat bonus are outdated)

(Does this happen still?)

(As Token effect now there’s Token Travel. Learning attributes instantly, extra instance entries and increase maximum buff count doesn’t exist anymore)

I’m not having a dig btw, you guys should update this and other information that may be outdated.