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Update the alchemist class

Seeing how they arranged various classes, giving him new skills or equipment, it would be nice if they gave changes to the Alchemist as well. Or they will just adjust their skills and consumables to the current times. Discarding the potions of HP and SP the rest is very out of the current utility. Also his skill factor is low, at least for Combustion a more interesting variant could be added, being that it works in conjunction with items.
The way the class seems to be made, I feel like it could have similar potential to classes like Enchanter or Pardoner, classes that work very well in battle, rather than just being a shop. Even if the long-awaited homunculus is never added to it, it could be a perfect class for buffs and debuffs, or a support wizard. Or do interesting damage as you combine and explode. Or well, I don’t know, I feel that its potential was a bit behind with all the changes that the game has received.


Alchemist deserves a full rework. Last time they “reworked” alchemist with the workshop thingy for Combustion and sprinkle potions, which are both complete garbage.
Magnum opus is a relic of old times, with no value today except for making gold hats.
It would be interesting if they either reworked alchemist into a spellcaster thats outside of the elemental table restrictions that the other classes will be, or if you can adjust a homunculus to fit your element/role.


its long time requested by many but imc just wont do it
they wont make it dps style class or a reliable support like pardoner which also yellow class
they would`ve rather spend the time making short content like new dungeon or new cards so they can release new premium vouchers and premium cards fodder in leticia cubes
its better to expect nothing


I’m still confused why DIG skill is still there … I mean … WHAT FOR??? is it for achievement title?

  • Dig
    Dig should be used to help alchemist brew potions, like literally dig something for poition brewing …

  • Alchemist Missile
    Should be like Magic Missile but explodes multiple times … I mean alchemists likes explosion right? When hit enemies it will have fake multi hits x5 …

  • Combustion
    Too mediocre, need revamp or at least make the range bigger like flame ground. They take a debuff that has 50% more damage when hit with alchemist missle … XDD

  • Magnus Opus
    Change this old thing, make it to turn old things back to its material form or adjust it so we can use old items as materials to form a new item … Planium, Brik, Magic Stone anything … old data is useless.

  • Homunculus
    Like … there’s this beast cards right? maybe we can use it as a summon also? but BABY Version? … would be cute …

  • Tincturing
    Need a new kind of potion to brew … and adjust the ones to not use blessed shards … make it craftable by powders only please … XD

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That would be very appreciated.

But will it ever happen? Who knows…

I made an alchemist just to avoid going to the market every 10 mins and buy level 15 potions. Now I have like 10k hp and sp alchemist potions in team storage and never had to use the class again. Except for that, the class is totally irrelevant…

Yeah, Alchemist needs an Update REAAALLY badly. Its like they completely forgot the class and saw it was “fine” because HP and SP Potions and Elixirs still sells. Squire also has the same problem of being a Shop/Food bot and nothing else, and I hope someday they gave it a niche to those two classes, just like they did with Sage and Pardoner.

I have thought about it too. A lot. And without Homunculus, they have a lot of options to become somewhat viable as a Support with medium damage (just like Sage but with another focus).

  • They need to rework or update their potions. The easiest way is just adjust the numbers, but I’d like to add some more, like some for elemental resistances or something similar.

  • A rework in their skills is also necessary. Why is Dig and Magnum Opus still there? If you want to preserve them, make them both 1 Point Skills, and update Magnum Opus to create more recent items, and hopefully some unique to the Skill, hard to farm, to make the class worth the time in that regard.

  • Make Sprinkle HP/SP Potion scalable with your Stats/Lv, so it can heal similarly to Mass Heal (a little less maybe), and with enough targets to work well in Raids and GTW, that way it can be a good option in those contents if you choose a more Support approach in your Wizard. It even can work well in a damage focused Wizard that wants more Arcane Explosion time and some survivability.

  • Following this idea, give them a Skill that gives a Buff/Debuff depending of the Potion you choose to use for the Skill. It can be placed on the Alchemist Workshop and can be an amplified version of the chosen Potion, and of more duration than the verion you’d have if you just use the Potion alone. This way it can be used as a decent Buffer/Debuffer in any party.

  • Adjust Combustion so it has more Skill Factor and reach at least. Maybe rework it to be a Skill with more distance, single target, with their Property/AoE/Number of hits/Effect depending of the potion you have equipped for the skill in the Alchemist Workshop. This way the skill can have the Property or AoE you need depending of the content. It doesn’t have to hit HARD, just decent.

  • Adjust Alchemistic Missile to be more interesting and have more damage. Again, just decent damage will do. From medium/high it’s fine. Maybe make it a… ehem, channeling, that throws a lot of magic missiles that explode. A basic magic for a pseudo-magic class is enough.

Maybe with something similar to this, it can be a fun class with a niche in Support/Healing and Buffs/Debuffs, something that Wizards don’t have since Enchanter, Linker and Thaumaturge were transfered to Scout.

And maybe you can be a Full Support/CC Wizard combining it with Cryomancer, Psychokino, Chronomancer and Sage.

I hope they make something similar to this to Alchemist in the future :satisfaction:

Or anything, really.


You know speaking of Squire why cant that class sell food buffs? i mean literally open a food table and sell it as consumable items for take out? XDDD no need be in the same guild and let 1 richie guy setup a stall in the map instead of having everyones camp and food table litter the entire area XDD


I wanted the homunculus to return to the game. They could scale with the SPR attribute similarly to other Summons in the game.

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Making Alchemist into a summoner/spellcaster hybrid that uses expensive items to cast powerful skills surely can’t be all that hard. This is from the ex developers of Ragnarok after all. Alchemists in that game were amazing. Collecting ingredients to brew those valuable acid bombs and saving them for a raid or MVP boss was a very cool feeling that’s completely missing from this game. I don’t need the expensive acid bombs to come back, but please let them craft interesting items to use in battle. Let them throw chemicals, command homunculus etc.

It would fill the third class ‘summoner’ niche that is currently missing after the changes to Bokor. Summoners can no longer have a full summoner build. Let alchemist fill that spot with a single strong pet and potions to support the other pets.