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Update burning weekend event details

first, this weekend event details posted a week after the event npc for the first week, the purpose of this npc and the reward it gives is mysterious
thankfully,a staff decided to update with the details,better late than nothing at all, but then, its a half hearted details.
when will
EXP penalty exemption when enhancing Gems
will happen? and also so many other lines as well
and so i start to doubt will buff like raid x2 rewards will ever happen again because it felt like a rush copy paste without re-check
i need the exp penalty exemption buff so bad thats why i need info when will it happen.
please update the event details and gives us clear virtue of what will each week give.

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weekend is near, we ll find find out… in a couple of days. lets see

since you are the recent staff that did updating the event page when there is necessity to it, can you also update the burning weekend event detail please?
theres some detail missing especially some details like when some buff will actually up during weekend like gem exp penalty remove or pamoka x2?

when will the pamoka x2 event honestly…
i ve been holding my cm resets freebies and pamoka scroll x2 in hope i get x4 exp
but when??
is this some sort of mysterious event?
give us some clarity!!
also that gem exempt, is it remove gem without penalty or enhance with gem without penalty?but the most important when the buff up?
cmon man, this new staff who post this event page really dont give a dam about the clarity of the event page
staff william who seems to update if there is mistake, can you take over this and update the page plz?


Read and don’t wait x2 for burning weekend :haha:

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